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What courses are on offer at EC Language Schools

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By deciding to learn English, you’re on your way to improving your social circle, professional opportunities and travel options. 

There are many courses to choose from at EC English Language Centres and so we’ve collated a roundup of them to help you decide. A minimum course is for 20 lessons at 45 minutes per lesson over one week. 

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General English Courses: These courses focus on improving overall language skills, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. They are designed for students at different proficiency levels, from beginner to advanced. 

Intensive English Courses: Intensive courses provide an immersive learning experience with more hours of instruction per week. They are designed to help students make rapid progress in a shorter period of time. 

Business English Courses: These courses focus on developing language skills specifically for professional or business environments. They may cover topics such as presentations, negotiations, and business writing. 

Exam Preparation Courses: EC Language Centres often offer courses to help students prepare for internationally recognised English language exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, or Cambridge English exams. 

English for Academic Purposes: These courses are designed for students who plan to pursue higher education in an English-speaking country. They focus on academic skills, such as essay writing, research, and critical thinking. 

English for Specific Purposes: EC Language Centres may also offer specialised courses tailored to specific fields or industries, such as English for tourism, English for healthcare, or English for aviation. 

Add that extra finishing touch to your course with additional teacher-led workshops. Offered in all EC schools as free clinics and workshops, you have the chance to add to your learning with extra language guidance outside the classroom.  

Conversation Clinics: These clinics focus on improving conversational skills and providing a space for students to practice speaking with native or fluent English speakers. They may include guided discussions, role plays, and interactive activities to enhance fluency and confidence. 

Writing Clinics: Writing clinics are aimed at helping students improve their writing skills. They may provide guidance on grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and overall composition. Students can receive feedback and suggestions to enhance their writing proficiency. 

Pronunciation Clinics: Pronunciation clinics concentrate on developing accurate pronunciation and intonation. Students may receive instruction on individual sounds, word stress, rhythm, and other aspects of spoken English. 

Grammar Clinics: These clinics focus on specific grammar topics and aim to reinforce understanding and application of grammar rules. Students may practice through exercises, discussions, and targeted instruction. 

Exam Prep Clinics: Some EC Language Centres may offer exam-focused clinics to help students prepare for English language proficiency exams. These clinics may provide guidance on test-taking strategies, practice exercises, and review sessions. 

With a combination of lessons and activities, your days are filled with opportunities to practise your English. Lessons provide you with direct learning, while excursions, free language workshops and activities allow you to learn vocabulary and practice new language in day-to-day life, offering you a balanced and thorough learning experience. 

Most courses are available at most of our English Language Schools, our team are on hand to help you decide which course and which centre are best for you! 

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