Yoga EC Brighton

Weekly Yoga Classes at EC Brighton

At EC Brighton language school we hold two free Yoga sessions a month. We are so lucky to have Tsetsy, an amazing, professional and friendly instructor! Yoga is about the unification of mind body and spirit. At the centre of this is breath. Using breath consciously, connects our mind, body and spiri … Read more


Brighton – The Most Cultured City Outside London

It’s not news to us at EC Brighton, that our city is an amazing place. We experience every day the wonders that behold this marvellous city. Just outside our doors is a plethora of overwhelmingly incredible things that each draw the full attention of your spirit. Then beyond and beyond as far … Read more

EC Brighton July Activities Calendar

Activities and Free Language Workshop Calendar There are lots of things to look forward to in June, including educational and recreational activities. With lots of international trips happening there are options to take a well deserved break with your friends. This month includes trips and tours at … Read more