Montreal F1 Grand Prix Fever Hits June 7 To 9!

Montreal is a very unique city and one reason for this is because we are the only city in Canada that hosts the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix racing! So it’s that time of year again where the city goes crazy for the Grand Prix and is alive with parties from June 7 to 9!  The actual race takes place … Read more

Taste of Quebec Beer at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal offers free weekly activities at the school.  We like our activities to mirror what is happening in the city.  We give our students a taste of everything going on in the city and we make sure to give them all the information they need to go out there and experience the real thing! Montre … Read more

What To Do this Long Victoria Weekend in Montreal!

It’s the long Victoria Day weekend in Canada and we are so excited to have a 3-day weekend! There is so much happening in the city of Montreal on the long weekend.  It is the start of our spring and summer festivals.  We are happy to share ideas with our EC Montreal students on what they can do this … Read more

Healthy Lunch Day at EC Montreal!

As it is national health and fitness month in Canada, at EC Montreal, we decided to make that our theme this May.  All our complimentary activities are about healthy living and taking care of ourselves.  We have already held a fitness class and a letter writing activity and today, we held a healthy … Read more

EC Montreal’s Weekly Feedback!

Every week, EC Montreal meets with students who are ending their journey at EC to seek their feedback.  This information is essential for us to keep improving our services and to deliver an even better experience to our EC students. This week, we met with students from Brazil and Germany.  This is w … Read more