Erasmus+ Teacher Training in Malta

EC Malta offers specialised Ersamus+ English programmes in Pedagogical Methodology and Digital Skills for teachers.

Our Erasmus+ Teacher Training programmes in Malta provide educators with the specific skills they need to become better teachers.  All our courses provide participants with access to quality English language opportunities, as well as the chance to network with other educators from around the world.

Why Take Erasmus+ Teacher Training at EC Malta

  • Learn from highly trained teachers
  • Improve at a modern school in a great location
  • Meet students from all over the world
  • Study with other motivated professional teachers

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Erasmus+ for Teachers

At EC Malta you can choose from these two Erasmus+ programmes designed for teachers, Pedagogical Methodology and Digital Skills.

Weekly Timetable

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00–10:30   General English   General English  
10:30–10:45 15 minute break
10:45–12:15   General English   General English  
12:15–13:00 45 minute break
13:00–14:30 Pedagogical Methodology
or Digital Skills
Pedagogical Methodology
or Digital Skills
Pedagogical Methodology
or Digital Skills
Pedagogical Methodology
or Digital Skills
Pedagogical Methodology
or Digital Skills
14:30–14:45 15 minute break
14:45–16:15 General English   General English   General English
16:15–16:30 15 minute break
16:30–18:00 General English   General English   General English

Your learning journey

Before you arrive

Once you have registered, you get access to MyEC, where you can access you To Do list and prepare yourself by:

✓ Taking your Placement Test.
✓ Setting your own learning goals.
✓ Learning about EC’s approach to learning.
✓ Watching a welcome talk from your school.
✓ Checking the details of your Sunday welcome event.
✓ Once you have completed your placement test, you get access to self-study exercises at your level so you can begin learning and practising before you leave your country.

During your course

As part of your course, you will receive:

✓ Study materials.
✓ Access to further online study materials.
✓ A vibrant social programme.
✓ Additional academic workshops (optional).
✓ Learn & Explore sessions combining learning and an excursion (optional).
✓ Access to a 24-hour emergency contact.


We know how important it is for students to see their progress. Our systems ensure you have the time and information to discuss your progress with your teachers.

Practical Homework Tasks: your teachers will give you homework tasks that give you the opportunity to practise what you’ve learnt outside the classroom so you can see exactly how well you’re progressing.

Weekly Scores: each week your teacher will give you scores on your speaking, homework, and participation and motivation. These can be accessed through MyEC and discussed during Feedback Friday.

Feedback Friday: on Friday, your teacher will revise and consolidate the week’s learning. You will practise what you’ve learnt and receive feedback from your teacher and your classmates on your progress.

Your final week

In your final week, you will receive:

✓ An Exit Test.
✓ An Exit Report: outlining your progress.
✓ A feedback survey.
✓ A certificate of attendance.

After you leave

With MyEC, you can continue learning even after your course has ended. With three month’s access, you can continue working on your English development with authentic online news lessons, grammar activities or skills development tasks.

Erasmus Dublin

EC Dublin offers Erasmus students the opportunity to learn English in Dublin on a General English course. EC Dublin is one of the top language schools in Dublin, offering high-quality English language courses to students from all over the world. EC Dublin is located in the city centre, close to all the major attractions.

EC Dublin ID: E10097870

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