Staff Picks: Books We Recommend And Love!

Reading is arguably one of life’s greatest pleasures, although some love it more than others. Given the current circumstances and lockdowns in various parts of the world, one would hope that people are reading new books or rereading their favourites to lift their spirits a little. We asked som … Read more

An Insight Into The EC Malta Activity Programme

EC Malta offers a diverse activity programme filled with cultural tours and ventures. Given the current circumstances, we have obviously had to adjust our activities to reach the health guideline standards in place. However, this hasn’t stopped our students and staff from embarking on these activiti … Read more

Improve your English quickly… take our Special Focus Classes

Throughout our General English Courses, students cover all the skills needed to improve their English as fast as possible. However, some students still feel that they could do with more practice on specific areas, which is why EC Malta also offers Special Focus Classes. Running for 7.5 hours per wee … Read more

Learn English in Malta

Three tips on learning English in Malta

Find out more about learning English in Malta with EC. Our Director of Studies, Keith, explains how you can make the most of your time as a student at our English school in Malta. Watch the video or read what he has to say. Over to you, Keith!   Learning English at EC Malta Hello there, welcome … Read more

Worth every Penny!

Travelling to Europe has been a dream since I was eight years old. After a few years saving money, my father was able to help me realize that dream. And I realized that doing an exchange would be the best way. When I chose Malta, I did not know much about the country, but it was in Europe, and it wa … Read more