Pizza Day at EC Manchester

Pizza Day at EC Manchester Language School

Pizza day is a popular day at EC Manchester Language school, as we surprise our students with free pizza and to be honest who doesn’t love free food. check out the face on our students as they unveil the box to an amazing and delicious pizza.                   … Read more


Italians learning English at EC Manchester Language School

  We had four groups of Italian students over the past month, learning English whilst exploring the sights of Manchester. Coming to Manchester and exploring all its wonders was something that the students looked forward to, from visiting the free museums and experiencing the football life to walking around and simply looking up to the … Read more


Great BBQ for EC Manchester English School students

    EC Manchester organized a BBQ for the students so that they have some fresh air, lots of fun and food. We talked to some of the students and asked them about their experience, let’s hear what they said:  Sergio “The bbq was very nice and we had the opportunity to find out about other students … Read more

Flavio – ‘I lived a Fantastic experience’

Flavio is a Brazilian student who arrived in EC Manchester on 11th April. He stayed with us for 4 weeks. We hope you had a great EC Experience.   ‘I want to thank all school staff. I lived a fantastic experience despite the short time. The main reason for my coming to England was to visit … Read more

English in the City class in the science museum

Get to know one of our Classes – English in the City

EC Manchester has recently opened a new course named ‘English in the City’, a programme designed to promote the learning of English through studying different aspects of the city where students are living. The course has given students the opportunity to learn about many aspects of Manchester including looking at the famous industrial past of … Read more


Student testimonial: Patrick

EC Manchester is a really good school, because the teachers always have your back. The language school is very good to meet new people and in particular at the EC Manchester School of English, because there are a lot of nationalities and friendly people. The courses are very interesting and the classrooms are modern and … Read more


Trip to Lovely Oxford

Last weekend a group of students of EC’s English School in Manchester visited Oxford. Although the weather wasn’t great, all the students enjoyed the trip.   When you arrive in Oxford and start walking through the centre, it feels like you’ve been taken back a couple of centuries. The buildings are old, but still in … Read more


A Guide to Manchester Customs (2)

Manchester is not only a great place to study English at the Manchester English Centre, but also a fantastic city filled with clubs, music, food festivals and just about every form of entertainment imaginable… FOOD (LOCAL DELICACIES) Black Pudding – Usually connected with Bury markets, these are long sausages made by boiling pig blood and … Read more