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Adjective Word Order

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The use of adjectives is essential when trying to describe a noun or pronoun.  Good writers and speakers are able to use adjectives to create clear, mental images for the reader or listener.  As you continue to work on your English, don’t be afraid to use multiple adjectives to describe something. Using more than three physically descriptive type adjectives in sequence to describe one noun or pronoun would sound a little awkward.   When using multiple adjectives in a sequence, you must be aware of the correct adjective order.  The proper order of adjectives is listed below along with some examples for each category.

    1. Determiners – a, an, the, my, your, several, etc.
    2. Observations – lovely, boring, stimulating, etc.
    3. Size – tiny, small, huge, etc.
    4. Shape – round, square, rectangular, etc.
    5. Age – old, new, ancient, etc.
    6. Color – red, blue, green, etc.
    7. Origin – British, American, Mexican, etc.
    8. Material – gold, copper, silk, etc.
    9. Qualifier – limiters for compound nouns.

    Here are some examples:

    "The interesting, small, rectangular, blue car is parked in my space."
    "I bought a beautiful, long, red, Italian, silk tie."
    "My father lives in a lovely, gigantic, ancient, brick house."
    "I have an annoying, small, circular, American, tin, alarm clock that wakes me up."
    "Let’s order a delicious, huge, rectangular, pepperoni pizza."
    "We all love our smart, petite, British teacher."
    "They all received several dazzling, small, ancient, gold coins."
    "She owns a stunning, large, old, brown dog named Boris."

    By Thomas Williams, teacher at EC San Diego English school

    Noun and Adjective Endings

    Now choose the correct sentence:

  • 1:

  • 2:

  • 3:

  • 4:

  • 5:


What an useful lesson~ I'm

What an useful lesson~
I'm very comfused about this before, but now I get it~
Thank you very much~


Thank you very much! It is an useful lesson. I like it.

I have tried to learn how to use. But, I don't remember actualy!

Thank again!


Very very useful

Very very useful lesson.
Lots of thanks.

Thank you a lot. I would

Thank you a lot. I would also like to know where could I put pattern (striped, checked, spotted), fit (tight, loose) and style(sleeveless, V-neck) characteristic when I'm describing clothes.
For instance, a beautiful tight brand-new blue checked American sleeveless top. Is it correct?

AWO - Adjective Word Order

In my view:

'Pattern' comes under the 'shape' category (and is followed by a colour).

'Fit' comes under the 'size' category.

'Style' comes just before the main noun.

As long us you understand the general rule, you will be fine. AWO is important to remember for exam purposes; however, in spoken English it is not followed so strictly.

Another thing to remember, is not you use too many adjectives in a sentence - it sounds unnatural. We use a lot in our exercise to help you learn the general rule.

Hope that helps.


I'm so grateful for all your

I'm so grateful for all your help.

Try to remember

Thank you for HELPFUL, NATURAL, GENERAL rules!!! Wink
I try to remember AWO. Smile

Adj word order

I'm getting on quite well. Applause

thanks interesting lesson

thanks interesting lesson


Im getting there, learnig a lot already, will try to use too often. Cheers

Adjective word order

The way you have presented the lesson is so attractive. Now I can remember the order very easily! I have in mind the initial letters of each word; I mean (D-O- S- S -A- C - O -M- Q). D for Determiners, O for observatios, etc...

Wonderful lesson

The stimulating, small lesson is very easy to understand. let me say thanks a lot


Interesting and useful.
I love persia.i love it.
in fact, adjective order is difficult for me, please give me more exercise.


i have never get it right before now.


it was interesting and very helpful..i enjoy it..thanks

thank you

can you please give more examples about adjective word orders, still I have little confuse.

it's really very useful thx

it's really very useful

small black words

Thanks for EC team

Thank you!

Thank you so much!

1 mistake but i hadnt known

1 mistake but i hadnt known about it at all.

adjective word order

adjective word order is a piece of cake.
thank you.


It's difficult to remember the AWO! Thank you for useful lesson.

great lesson

i like this lesson i did nt have such information which you provide i am very thankful to you but it si very difficult to remember all time AWO
DOSSACOMQ (determ,obser,size,shape,age colour,origin,material,qualifier.)
now i learnt thank very much chris

This is hilirious!

I am a beautiful, tall, Australian girl =)

Never thought of adjectives being ordered!



adjective sequencing

Actually I am really confused with my daughter's assignment, and even search the internet just to help her with this topic, now i am very thankful i found your site, this is really a great help. Though I'm still learning it and it's really giving me a hard time.

Thank you very much, EC.... Smile

order or adjectives

very useful lesson thankyou. I need your help with the following sentences which were given in my child's class :
Rearrange the adjectives and put them in right order:

1.White Chinese silk will be suitable for curtains.
2.Last week I borrowed an interesting old Malaysian book from Library.
3.His uncle has brought him a sleek, Japanese, black mobile phone.

And i also like to know some examples for Qualifiers (limiters for compound nouns)in sentences.

I found this lesson

I found this lesson extremely useful. I did a test without mistakes. Now I wish I could bear this in mind and did not forget. I think practicing will help me.



I didn't understand this exercise about Noun and Adjective Endings.

Could somebody explain it to me?

Thanks a lot

Best regards,


very helpful

bundle of thanks for this helpful lesson, I am sure it gonna help me a lot!

Am grateful .

I teach English language but the materials available for me do not have any explanation about how adjectives are arranged. Just yesterday, a student ask me to explain to him how
to identify the adjectives in their correct arrangement. I now took the trouble to research only to see that,when this arrangements are followed, everybody Wil get clear understanding of this grammatical rules. Thank you.