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Adjectives to describe the tastes of foods

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'How does it taste?'

How well do you know food adjectives? Take a look at the following list of adjectives which we use to describe food. Try and match the correct adjectives to the correct sentences. As this is a quiz, there is no explanation of the adjectives' meanings.











  • The bread is old. Don't eat it. It's too ___.

  • The Indian food was too ___ for me. It felt like my mouth was on fire!

  • Coffee and beer have a ___ taste.

  • Lemon juice is ___.

  • ___ food stays fixed to your fingers when you touch it, like honey.

  • I put a lot of sugar in it because I like it to taste ___.

  • Fried food is usually ___. It;s not healthy to eat too much of it.

  • You put too much salt in this. It's too ___.

  • Carrots and nuts are ___. They are hard and make a loud noise when you eat them.


I like it

Every one like to eat but some time we eat otherwise thinking about englsih word .

I love this Language. Anas Legend

me too

teh f irst language i learned it without teacher because i am lover of this language and i amm happy if there will new people who want to practise english


how r u

I'm O.K!

Peace on earth


I hope you are enjoying the lessons. I've learnt a lot and hope you do too. this last one was a bit tricky. I had to read the whole sentence before I could answer them. Anyway, enjoy your lessons. I know I am!

Bye. Big Grin

Good! So far so good.

Well i didn't no that, this kind of words can be used to such foods. It really looks interesting after i have finish answering the questings and realise my mistakes.

hi, that's funny lesson,

hi, that's funny lesson, food is know everyone. I doing this lesson at first times it's OK.

missing apostroph

in "...of the adjectives meanings.", is a lacking apostroph: "...of the adjectives' meanings"

dot comma

instead of "It;s not healthy...", correct is "It's not...".

also in ";;like honey", one extra ";" is unnecessary


What is an adjective for a tasteless food? Insipid! I think it is the one missing here.

Very useful

I enjoyed this lesson. Very useful and sometimes tasty! Big Grin Thank you.


Sour is one of the basic tastes. It is acid, lemon-like or vinegary, tart, bitter, acerbic. Sour food has a sharp biting taste and, certainly, is not sweet.

useful lesson. I didn't know

useful lesson. I didn't know any of these words

Easy but

i think it was easy lesson but as i got a less knowledge of english even i felt something was missing in the sentences. am i correct or all sentences were correct...?


No Mistakes!






got them all correct, thanks, joyce0603