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Adjectives - Positive Character Traits

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The following adjectives are positive character traits essential to learning English. I have included very concise (short, brief) definitions. Please consult a dictionary for a complete understanding of each word because many of the words are very similar in meaning. These words are worth incorporating into your vocabulary, so the next time someone asks you to describe yourself; you won't have any difficulty coming up with 11 positive character traits.

ambitious – having a strong desire to succeed

conscientious – displaying great care in the outcome of one's work

dauntless – not frightened or discouraged

diligent – hard-working, showing a lot of effort

enthusiastic – having passionate interest about something

gregarious – friendly and sociable

loquacious – very talkative

persistent – the ability to continue despite difficulties or problems

resilient – the ability to recover from failures or setbacks

resourceful – creative in solving problems or reaching goals

tenacious – determined to proceed as planned

Choose the word which is NOT a synonym.

By Thomas Williams

By Thomas Williams, teacher at EC San Diego English school

Comparisons with adjectives and adverbs

  • 1. ambitious:

  • 2. conscientious:

  • 3. dauntless:

  • 4. diligent:

  • 5. enthusiastic

  • 6. gregarious

  • 7. loquacious

  • 8. persistent

  • 9. resilient

  • 10. resourceful

  • 11. tenacious


All correct. Thanks to EC

All correct. Thanks to EC team for this improvement.

Thank you very much!!!

Thanks a lot for the lesson!!!! That will enlarge my vocabulary!!!

Thanks a lot

Excellent vocabulary!!! Applause
We've learn not only 11 words,much more new words(22)!!! Dont Tell Anyone
But I don't think that loquacious (rather difficult word) - is a positive character trait. Wink
Thank you for the Lesson! Smile


Can you give me all the right answers? because I didn't get all correct:((


I cant believe it.. all incorrect..... Crying

Thanks indeed

It was fantastic and difficult lesson, but it's not worst, Just 2 mistakes ... and I'll try to be persistent myself to learn more and more..

thanks a lot every body who want to help..

yours Ahmed Gharouda.

Positive character traits

1 mistake with "persistent" antonym. But the rest was very difficult to pick. Some I guessed, some I've known, some were complete tongue twisters. Smile Thank you for this vocabulary, I'll try to remember and use them.

antonyms - chacter traits

It's a useful way of learning. If you don't know any of them, but you do know the meaning of the possible answers, then just choose the odd one out

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