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'Break' Phrasal Verbs

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There are seven common phrasal verbs that include the verb 'break'.

Break away - to leave something.
Break down - to become very upset.
Break into - to enter a building by force.
Break off - to break a piece from something.
Break out of - to escape from somewhere.
Break through - to pass through a barrier.
Break up - to finish a romantic relationship with someone.

One of these phrasal verbs fits in each of these sentences. Which one do you think it is? To make it a bit more difficult, I have left it to you to decide which tense the phrasal verb needs to be in. Good luck!

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  • 1. Did you hear about the man that the bank last week? Luckily, the police caught him.
  • 2. I think it's terrible that prisoners are still able to prison. The public should be better protected.
  • 3. I think Emily needs to from that group of friends. They are a bad influence on her.
  • 4. I think she was having a really terrible week and on Friday she just . It was so sad.
  • 5. I think my brother is thinking about with his girlfriend. It's a shame, I really like her.
  • 6. Please will you a big piece of chocolate for me?
  • 7. The crowd the barrier that was in front of the band.


 10/10 but the tenses 3

 10/10 but the tenses 3 wrong>

thank you. It is very interesting 

Thanks a lot, very useful

Thanks a lot, very useful lesson

One mistake - thinking about

One mistake - thinking about breaking up :(

Thank you for the Lesson!:)

phrasal verb

it's very much interesting.. i am learning something from this..

challenging but sweet

wow! it is great to have this kind of lesson. it didn't only make me think it drove me crazy!!! thanks so much...

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I am sure lessons like this will be helpful to the learner.

Break phrasal verbs

 Last night  there was a robbery in my neighbourhood i think they might have broken into the house by the window ,they  didn't break away anything but before Mr.John Called the police they had broken out of the house 

Thanx Chris