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Do you know how to make Passive Sentences?

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Active Sentences

In active sentences the subject is the person / thing that does the action. The subject comes at the start of the sentence. Most English is made up of active sentences. Take a look at this example using Paul as the subject and book as the object:

'Paul wrote a book.'

Passive Sentences

In passive sentences the focus of the sentence is the 'recieving' object of an action and it comes at the start of the sentence; therefore, the object and the subject change positions in the sentence:

'The book was written by Paul.'

How to make a passive

To make a passive sentence you need to start with object first and then use the be form of the verb (depending on the tense) and then add a past participle:

object + be + past participle


Active: 'The gardener grows flowers.'
Passive: 'Flowers are grown by the gardener.'

Active: 'My grandfather planted that tree.'
Passive: 'That tree was planted by my grandfather.'

Active: 'The dog is chasing the sheep.'
Passive: 'The sheep are being chased by the dog.'

Now choose the correct word to make passive sentences:

Link: How to use 'wish'

  • The old woman was ___ by Sam.

  • Bags ___ in this factory.

  • Planes are not being ___ on Sundays at this airport.

  • The student was ___ to by his teacher.

  • The book was ___ into Japanese by my brother.

  • When was America ___?

  • This office is ___ now.


The use of the passive

Thank you for this exercise. I wonder if you could explain in a lesson the use of the passive, with its particularities, in different styles: journalistic, administrative, scientific, etc.
Thank you in advance.
Really good job!




I did a great job here. No mistakes at all. Thank you.

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thank u a lot, no mistake again Smile However, I don't like passive sentences Laughing

I must remember "are being

I must remember "are being chased"

Could you explain to me

Could you explain to me about "the sheep are being chased"? Why not "the sheep is being chased"?

I think you can use both. If

I think you can use both. If you mean only one sheep you can say "the sheep is being chased" If you mean more than one sheep (plural) you must use "the sheep are chased"

Note: Sheep (singular) has the same form as plural.


I did it mistakes

I did it mistakes


I have been studying for 6 mounths,
all of them are correct...
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good job!! thanx very much

Nice exercises !

All my answers are correct, except one article, it is the last one.

But nice execises! Wink


easy one but i hate it.thank you Smug

No mistakes!!! Easy!! Thanks

No mistakes!!! Easy!! Thanks for the lesson and revising! Smile


can you make this a passive sentence

(3) Did the man drive the bus quickly?