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go, goes, going, went or gone.

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A simple review for you today. Read through the 14 sentences and complete them using the following words:

go, goes, going, went or gone.

This is basic English; however, I often hear English learners using the wrong verbs when speaking. Take a moment to look at the context of each sentence before making your choice.

2 options are possible for question 7. 'Went'  is ok, but which other word can we use?

Can you all get 14/14? Did you make any mistakes?

Link: Can you guess the tenses?


  • 1 - The baby to sleep an hour ago.
  • 2 - They are to the airport soon.
  • 3 - I will out soon.
  • 4 - Shall we shopping.
  • 5 - Simon to yesterday's party on his own.
  • 6 - We to Spain last year.
  • 7 - Samuel to school by bus.(NOT 'Went')
  • 8 - Are they to buy you a present?
  • 9 - Where have my keys ?
  • 10 - Let's fishing tomorrow.
  • 11 - They have already to the post office.
  • 12 - We used to dancing on the weekend.
  • 13 - Terry has for lunch. He'll be back soon.
  • 14 - to sleep is easy if you have had a hard day.


Thank you for the lesson. No

Thank you for the lesson.
No mistake, pretty easy

Go review

Nice and easy review, 1 mistake because of lack of attention. Poor me. Smile Thank you.

with no MISTAKE

thank you for superior test.

i have a problem

sometimes i feel that i'm not good at English.
there are many words and expressions which i can't understand.
i don't have self confidance to speak english.

please help me Crying

No mistakes )))

an easy lesson, thank you.


No mistake Smile

easy to begin

I have done 3 mistakes

misprint - ?

Marvelous Lesson!!! No mistakes!!! Applause
But - misprint - #13 -for luNch -? Wink
Thank you for the Lesson, I've got a great pleasure. Smile

Fixed! Thanks for telling

Fixed! Thanks for telling me.


I didn't any mistakes, it's

I didn't any mistakes, it's easy, thank you

Rather easy :) But...

I have a question about the 2-nd sentence:
They are going to the airport soon.

Is it a future tense? Is it the short form of the construction "... are going to do something ..." or what? Can somebody explain me this grammatical construction?
Thanks in advanced!

Good lesson

3 mistake for poor attention

I made just one mistake

I made just one mistake Samuel go not goes


I got all correct. Millions of thanks for your great work. Applause

Thanks !

Thanks !

I can not sleep so easily unless i have a hard day.

Thanks for the lesson. Applause Yawn Nerd Smug

Have a nice day/night/week/weekend!
Wherever you're far away.

a good sleep

Hi Nehir,
I have the same problem like you . Even I had a hard day my sleep isn't good.
This is very nice lesson.
Thank you.


i did just one mistake:P

Nah - 4 mistakes

But for russian this is okay, I think...