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Quick Tip - How to use Either and Neither

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Compare the following comparative sentences:

"I'd like to go to either Spain or Italy."

"The problem is I have neither time nor money.'


Either is used with or while neither is used with nor.

Either comes after the verb when the two actions mentioned are similar (they share the same verb):

"She wants to play either tennis or volleyball."

Either comes before the verb when the actions mentioned are different:

"She wants to either go shopping or relax in the park."

Link: How to use 'myself' and 'yourself'.



Thank u, very useful Smile
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I agree. We need more

I agree. We need more explanation about "neither". As far as I know native speakers use "neither" very often.

I guess

it's equivalent to Either-or but it's for negative sentences

either-or means that A and B are both good to you whilst Neither-nor means that A and B are both bad to you.


It is not bad. And it is not

It is not bad. And it is not all about "either" either.

it's pretty good

Thank you very much.

Thanks. I understand now

Thanks. I understand now how use either and neither

?? what do we call these

?? what do we call these words ( does it quantitfiers )??
thank u

I want to learn either English or Spanish.


Chris! Is there either

Chris! Is there either mistake or misprint? You used twice either in the Rule? Worried
Or may be it is quite correct, isn't it?Answer, please Smile

Nataly useful information,

useful information, thanks a lot


I would like either to be a millionaire or to be a millionaire. Smile Hobson's choice for me. Smile I don't want neither to be a loser nor to be a loser. Smile no way

We neither government nor opposition people

Hi All, appreciate any help from you guys. Is it right grammar usage : 'We neither government nor opposition people'

i can try

Well....i can try ,it should be like this (we are neither government nor opposition people)