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How to use Some and Any

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'I bought some bread' or 'I bought any bread'?


Countable and uncountable

Some is used with both countable and uncountable nouns:

Countable Nouns - 'Some people in my school like Jazz.'
Uncountable Nouns - 'There was some snow here last winter.'

Positive sentences

Some is used in positive sentences:

'I have some friends.'
'We bought some coffee.'


We use some in questions when we expect the answer to be 'yes' or when we are offering something, otherwise, we use any:

'Would you like some milk?


Some is also used in questions when we are making a request:

'Can I borrow some money?'


Negative sentences

Any is used in negative sentences:

'I don't have any friends.'
'There isn't any bread left.'


Any is used in questions:

'Do you have any money?'
'Is there any sugar?'

Link: How to use 'By'

  • We will have ___ news soon.

  • Would you like ___ breakfast?

  • There is not ___ rain in summer.

  • Can I have ___ coffee?

  • I think I will have ___ toast.

  • Do you have ___ pets?

  • She had ___ good ideas.

  • He does not have ___ patience.


any friend

'I don't have any friends.'

With 'any', can we use countable 'plural' names? Or only singular countable and uncountable ones?

A teacher might say 'I don't

A teacher might say 'I don't have any Pauls in my class' or you can use 'anyone': 'I don't know anyone called Paul.'
I'll create a lesson in the near future using 'anyone/anybody/someone/somebody'. Thanks.

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"Can I have some fags" is correct, or "Can I have a fag."




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It's easy, you should only remember to use "some" for positive sentences and "any" for negative ones and questions. I am getting used to them, I can use them fluently.

some / any

This was a very good explained lesson, don't have any_thing or have some_thing.

Great, thanks Applause