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Play Do Go - Sports Verbs

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A common topic of conversation is the sports people enjoy playing and watching – so it's important to know which verb to use!

When we discuss sport there are three verbs that we use: play, go and do.

For example:

"I play table-tennis."
"I go fishing. "
"I do yoga."

Choose the correct verb for each sport:
Lesson by Amanda Pooley, EC Cape Town English language school

  • 1 - Golf:

  • 2 - Skiing:

  • 3 - Karate:

  • 4 - Cycling:

  • 5 - Tennis:

  • 6 - Judo:

  • 7 - Running:

  • 8 - Swimming:

  • 9 - Cricket:

  • 10 - Badminton:

  • 11 - Ballet:

  • 12 - Snowboarding:

  • 13 - Diving:


Ballet - ?

One mistake ;(

We don't dance a ballet, we DO a ballet. Is it a new kind of sport???

But the Lesson is very useful - thanks a lot!:)

Yes, we can use the verb

Yes, we can use the verb dance; however, it's more common to use do when talking about ballet as an activity.

"My daughter really wants to do ballet."

"Did you do ballet when you were younger?"


Chris M.

one incorrect

Incorrect at no.11#  

thanX Chris  


huray all is correct

thanks Christ

4 mistakes

 Rather hard exercise. I made 4 mistakes. 

please reply

i noticed we are using "go" with those words which are ending with with "ing".   

is it necessary to use "go" with all words that end with "ing"? plz rpl

That's right, we use 'go'

That's right, we use 'go' with -ing activities.


Chris M

 yes, that's what i'd

 yes, that's what i'd noticed. thanks. (;

One mistake

I've just learned that we GO snowboarding, i didn't know.

Maybe because I never go snowboarding myself.

Thank you for the lesson.


 only one mistake in the last sentense)))