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Use the correct word in the sentence

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Are you a master of vocabulary? Do you think that grammar is 'childs play' (very easy)? Well then, let's put it to the test. Below you'll see 10 sentences; choose the missing word which best suits the sentence.

Link: Choose the correct word form

  • The baby bird was ___ by its mother.

  • She said that you have ___ forgiven.

  • All that I can say is that I tried my ___.

  • ___ you been sitting there all day?

  • I've been ___ my birthday all week!

  • Do you still ___ around here?

  • There were too ___ people on the train.

  • The mouse was ___ by the cat.

  • Thanks for making such an interesting ___.

  • I'm going to the conference by ___.



thanks a lot, everything in green color again Smile have a nice day Smile


Rolling On The Floor toooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy

thank you your website is

thank you your website is wonderful.I cannot describe it.


Thank you very much, the task wasn't easy. I tried my best. But I have not been sitting there all my day! thanks!!! Silly


What's the meaning of 3rd sentence "All that I can say is that I tried my ___."
actually I couldn't answer it correctly.

so easy

so easy


it's not easy.


its really fun!!!!!!!!!hehe Applause

English is really great!!!!!

Thank you so much for your help. The more I utilize your exercises the more I understand the whereabouts of my mistakes.

yeah! green and

yeah! green and green... thanks a lot!

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much!!! Laughing

I's good to learn from our mistake.

I have right and wrongs but this the way to learn from my mistake.


Batting Eyelashes Batting Eyelashes Batting Eyelashes

thanks alot . i did it all

thanks alot . i did it all right Whew!


Kiss I did great!Thank you for this lesson!

everywhere is green

everywhere is green Big Grin

Yes , it is easy

Party Smug Tongue Wave

The task

I wonder if they have some tasks for 'advanced' or at least 'upper intermediate' level?

I am a Chemical Engineer and

I am a Chemical Engineer and must be fluent in English.
Great!! I have done well.

at least

i did it myself and all correct Kiss

easy lesson

i liked it.

helpful test

it's very easy and fun



I am interested