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Which word is missing? Ten quick questions

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Today's task is in two parts. First of all choose the correct word to complete each sentence.

Part 2, give your opinion to the questions. Let us know what you think by writing your view in the comments section below.

Chris McCarthy

  • 1 - Was school ever canceled for a day ___ you were a child?

  • 2 - What is the ___ thing you have ever eaten?

  • 3 - Do you get ___ easily?

  • 4 - ___ goals help to change your life?

  • 5 - Would you like to ___ a police officer?

  • 6 - ___ do you think of the paparazzi?

  • 7 - What kinds of ___ do you get from the newspaper?

  • 8 - Is having an army a ___ of money in your country?

  • 9 - Should children ___? Do you agree or disagree?

  • 10 - ___ you could invent any machine, what type of machine would you invent?


question about questions

 Is "give your opinion to the questions" the same that "answer to the questions"?

That's right, you should

That's right, you should give your view on these questions.



*1  there was a sudden declaration that school was canceled for a day when our school principal           passed away 

*3   yes,i do get bored easily 

*4  Absolutely ,goals can change your life ,when you are on the way in achieving your goals your          life  takes you to that level where you need to work harder

*5  police officer ???definately not,that' not my cup of tea

*6  well,i'd say they are doing thier job (paparazzi) 

*7  we get lots of information from the newspaper weather it's about politics ,media,new                       products, new services or technology etc

*8  Not at all ,they play a most important role for our country ,and yes we don't get anything free          of cost so we have to pay something to our government by the way of taxes .As we know               taxes are used for defence and welfare of the country

 (there is an exception to the above stuff and that is , ECENGLISH provides us free online lessons of english  ) 

*10 i'd invent a time machine if i could do so 


Thanx for lessons and let me know if there is any mistake 

Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your opinions with us. I really enjoyed reading your views.




thanx Chris ,it's ma pleasure  


 1. Yes, it was. Winter was not very warm and nice. It was under -25 C  for several days, so the lessons were canceled.

2. I'd prefer to suffer with hunger.

3. A bit more reseach should be done.

4. No opinion.

5. No way.

6. I never think about neither paparazzi nor stars.

7. Internet replaces them, for me.

8. No, it isn't. The world is still not ideal.


'"No way" to number 5? Why

'"No way" to number 5? Why not, Serge?



 Because I like to be free,

 Because I like to be free, I appreciate independence too much, I don't like uniform and all that.


10. I'd invent a machine for teleportation. It's easily to get bored while you get about (3).

My answers

1- Yes, once the classes was canceled by on teacher strike.
2- The strangest thing I've ever eaten was squid.
3- No, I don't.
4- Sure, everyone needs goals and focus to improve the life.
5- Yes, but I'd like a federal police.
6- I think they are encouraged and sponsored by the people who buy the news.
7- I'm looking for classifieds.
8- No, the army is used to protect the borders of the country.
9- Absolutely no, they should play and study.
10- I'd like invent a machine to win the lottery.


 1. Yes, when I was a child

 1. Yes, when I was a child school got cancelled many times for a day or two.

2.No. I ' ve never triesd ant strangest thing., not easily.

4.Either way, actually it depends on what kind of goals you have choosen.

5.No, even i never thought of becoming a police officer.

6.Paparazzi, they got money for attending high profile parties and clicking candid  photographs.

7. Different.



10. If I ever envent any machine then will try to envent a machine which reset one's feelings .

number 4


 First of all, thanks for one more important exercise

 I've got a doubt about number 4. Is there more than one answer?

 I don't see any mistake using others options


number 4


 First of all, thanks for one more important exercise

 I've got a doubt about number 4. Is there more than one answer?

 I don't see any mistake using others options


RE: Number 4. To make the

RE: Number 4.

To make the other sentences correct we need to make these changes.

Why do goals...

Do goals... (not does)

How can goals...






Part 2

1* No, it wasn't. Canceled is diferent of holiday, isn't?

2* I ate sheep.

3* No, I don't bored easily.

4* Yes, it can. One of them is learn English.

5* No, i do'nt. I think that is very dangerous this profession.

6* I'd like. They take the picture all time. But is bored.

7* Peace in the world.

8* (I don't undestand this question)

9* It should'nt. I disagree.

10* I'm too, i'd like create the machine of time.

# 2

2 - What is the ___ thing you have ever eaten?

* Thing!How I can eat!

The correct sentence is

The correct sentence is "what is the strangest...?"

Strange is an adjective, strangest is the superlative form.


My answers

1.Yes, few times every winter due to Electrical Power/Central Heating Supply "Schedule" during the communist rule in Bulgaria. They used to export Electrical Power and sometimes at low water reservoirs level, it wasn''t enough for the country itself. We called those "wooden vacations";

2. Sea cucumbers;

3. Sometimes yes. But that depends on my mood;

4. Trying to achieve a goal gives one a motivation to live and move forward. A new goal is always a kind of change of life;

5. No, never. Even though the police officers by low shall defend peoples interest, for me they are part of the goverment repressive machine. I am addicted to the Freedom, thus The Ministry of Internal Affairs is not my type of employer;

6. Az arrogant reporters, ready to breach peoples privacy for the sake of money;

7. Both useful and useless;

8. Because of the geographic position of my country, I think having an army is still a must;

9. Definitely no! That is the ugliest form of human exploitation! But having worked and lived in many countries I have seen children working, as the only way the family to earn sufficient money for living. That is already sad;

10. Probably the dreamed Electrical Powerplant, able to produce from one litre of water enough energy for a small village. Anyway, it won't be for sure a machine, that will make the people "for ever young", because then we must stop reproducing ourselves and forget the joy of having children.

i've got a question.

No.6 : I was choosing "How". when do we use "how do u think...?" ,is "what do u think..." a set phrase?

No.10 :is "what type of machine" true? I think machine is a countable noun. should we use "machines"?

wrong num.7

please help explain the answer to number not good in english


1>yes school got canceled when it was raining cats and dogs

3>yes i get bored easily if i dont have anything to do ..

4>definately goals helps to change ones life .....these are the goals only which encourages one to work hard .....they give strength to achieve what one wants .

5>well yes i would like to be a police officer coz they have a great dignity ,power ...people respect them ....but i cant become i not so physically fit ..

6>its great work n it requeries alterness

7>every sort of informations like political ,educational,scientifical ,enterainment etc

8>no its not waist .army palys a vital role in defending ...

9>yup chidren should work but at the same time other times like playing should also be give importance

10>time machine

i need help in ques 4 .in my opinon every term i.e does ,how,why,can is fit for the new question ...plz rpl  n also check did i make ay mistake in making sentences ...thanx

Quick Answers

1 yes

2 sushi

3 sometimes

4 yes, sometimes

5 no

6 dirty work

7 news, TV programme, recipe

8 in My country - ?

9 yes, but with pleasure

10 machine of happiness

Thank you for the Lesson!:)


1.When i was a child, my

1.When i was a child, my school was cancelled many times due to heavy rain,strike.

2.Usually i eat only chicken,goat meat, i ordered and i bought pizza,when i ate that, that time i recognized that was pepproni pizza. that was strangest one. I don't get bored easily. I engage myself into some activities.

4.yes. Goals mould us into a definite success. don't like

6. i don't know about him.

7.All kind of information can get from the newspaper. But usually i study local news.

8.No, spending money for army is not waste one. We spend that money for our country safety.

9.According to me, Children should not work.They have to go to school.If they have interesting working , the can work.

!0.If i could invent machine, i would invent a machine to prevent pollution in the earth. 

- yes it always happened a

- yes it always happened a lot, because of typhoons.
- eating the dog meat, I think that was the strangest thing I eaten for my whole life, without knowing it was a dog meat. yuck...

- well yes I get bored easily, I don't have a long patience when it comes to waiting...

-I do believe having a goals in life will lead us to success..., considering those goals will make us to be successful...

-when I was a child, I had dream to become a police officer just thinking it's an awesome job hehehhe.

- people who don't care about their lives instead, disturbing someone's life...

-I always get lot of information from a news paper, especially on the news section, but I do like more on entertainment section.

- maybe..., people who are in the Army feel proud of themselves, they using their position to controls everything. and soldiers here are flirts!

-I don't like to see children working, but in this unfair life, they should do it just to survive...

-whoa...maybe a thing that could communicate to our love ones who no longer here.