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Write, Wrote, Written

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Time to do a quick review of the irregular verb write.

Write is the present simple tense: "Write your name on this paper"

Wrote is the past simple tense.

Written is the past participle.

Easy! Easy! Easy! Don't you agree? Complete the sentences using the correct verb.

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  • 1 - using this black pen.
  • 2 - I to her yesterday.
  • 3 - She's a journalist. She for a national newspaper.
  • 4 - Have they to you yet?
  • 5 - I've been trying to a book.
  • 6 - They've been to each other for years.
  • 7 - Did she anything else?
  • 8 - Where's that letter that John ?



Smile Without mistakes. Thank you. Such a nice review.


Mistake - in the last sentence Worried Why is it not WRITTEN????
Thank you for review Smile

Example of 'written':

Where is that letter that John has written?

Where is that letter that John wrote?

Don't know how to explain it.

english - grammar

So the answer is - she writes for the.......

believe me

I got the feeling that I'm getting better

no mistakes

no mistakes



I didn't understand(maybe I don't know the rule), but why is

"Did she WRITE anything else?"

Instead of

"Did she WRITES anything else?"

Oh, sorry - it was next topic in my grammar book. :) Now I know the rule about "Did you...?"