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Career options after Delta

As you gain experience as a Delta-qualified teacher, you might think about moving into teacher support, in the role of senior teacher. You could develop in-service training for teachers in your school via talks and professional development sessions. Conducting observation and giving feedback is also useful for many teachers for professional development purposes.

Typically Delta qualified teachers can expect to have access to job postings for more senior positions such as senior teacher, academic coordinator and director of studies. A good source to look for Delta-qualified jobs specifically would be

You could also explore giving seminars and webinars, as well as writing blogs and materials. Course book and curriculum development are also interesting areas to explore. You can get an idea of how some of these areas might look here.

Is Delta recognised when I do an MA?

Many universities, especially in the UK and Australia, will give credits for MA candidates in applied linguistics or TESOL for their Delta qualification. You can see a list of some of those institutions here.

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