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Choose the correct forms of the verb

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Take a look at these ten sentences and complete them with the correct forms of the verbs.

There are four choices for each sentence, but only one is correct.

This exercise is intermediate level. Let's see how many of you can get 10 out of 10.

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  • 1 - She often ___ shopping on the weekend.

  • 2 - My sister ___ as a waitress.

  • 3 - I ____ to a great radio show on the way to work.

  • 4 - Tom's not here. He's out ___ his mother.

  • 5 - She ___ living here for 2 years.

  • 6 - They ___ on the project at the moment.

  • 7 - Do you still ___ to the tennis club?

  • 8 - I never ___ Tim anymore.

  • 9 - I ___ football after work.

  • 10 - We ___ a lot of volunteer work.


I have make just 1 mistake

I have make just 1 mistake but it's not problem for me ... it's good lesson thanks indeed ...

yours Ahmed gharouda


thanks.these type of lessons refresh my memory. Smile

Wonderful lesson. I've got

Wonderful lesson. I've got all correct!!!

Advance Level

Thanks for the exercise.
Iwill be grateful if you give an advanced level
exercises on this line

interesting lesson!

i ve done 8 out of 10.At first view it seems easier than i ve thought but i have made two mistakes. I have to be more careful next time. Thanks!

I don't understand why

I don't understand why either! ( Seen)!/confused.gif

thank u

well i got only 1 mistake
№8 I never _see_ Tim anymore.

& still dont understand why i must use see in this sentence?
would u explain?



? me too'

Me too! Why see????!/confused.gif


Thanks a lot it was a good practice.

One day I will speak English well - the main thing is to be steady. There is no wonders, but day by day my English is getting better.

Thanks again!

1 mistake

i made 1 mistake Sad

:-) Thanks

Thanks for the lesson!
It was a good practise for me!

10 out of 10

No mistakes! Applause Thank you very much!!!
It was not easy for me, but I tried my best!
Thanks. Smile


Wow...thanks..good lesson


Another helpful exercise for improving your grammar.

Thank you so much!

10/10 - I'm happy! Batting Eyelashes
Sometimes it seems English is not that difficult Wink

my coment

I did this lesson without any mistake.


lesson are good, thank you.

All correct.

I did it without mistakes. Thanks a lot for the lesson, Chris.