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Using Question Tags

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This is your chance to practice question tags, isn't it?

Questions tags are a common way to make questions, aren't they?

You know how to use them, don't you?

You can't get all 11 correct, can you?

Chris thinks you will make a mistake, doesn't he?

Link: Question Tags

  • It's cold today,___?

  • You don't know me,___?

  • They shouldn't smoke,___?

  • We ___ there yet, are we?

  • You haven't got a cold, ___?

  • Her mother works in a factory,___?

  • Penguins can't fly, can ___?

  • This car is expensive, isn't ___?

  • You play piano, ___?

  • He will come to work, ___?

  • No one can get all of these right, ___?