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Idiom of the Day: Collecting Dust

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collecting dust


This cartoon is based on the idiom collecting dust.

If something is collecting (or gathering) dust, it isn't being used any more. Dust is the fine dirt that builds up on surfaces that have not recently been cleaned. Objects become dusty if they are not used for a long time.


Word of the day: Moving

Average: 2.9 (165 votes)


This month's cartoon is based on the word moving.

Moving (adjective)

When something makes us have strong feelings of sadness or sympathy, it is moving.

"She wrote him a very moving letter."

"I was moved by a story I saw on the news."

Idiom of the Day: From Scratch

Average: 3.5 (158 votes)

scratch idiom

This month's cartoon is based on the word scratch.


Scratch (verb)

to rub your skin with your fingernails, often when your skin is itching. In the picture, the scientist is scratching his neck.

"She scratched her nose."

"My back is itching. Can you scratch it for me?"

Word of the day: Click

Average: 2.8 (129 votes)

click idiom

This cartoon is based on the double meaning of click.

A click is a short, sharp sound.

"The door closed with a click."

"Turn the handle until you hear a click."

Idiom of the Day: Slip up

Average: 2.8 (122 votes)

slip up idiom

This cartoon is based on the double meaning of slip.

Slip as a verb means to lose balance and perhaps fall, especially on a slippery surface like ice.
"Be careful of the ice. You might slip."
"She slipped on the wet floor and broke her ankle."

Idiom of the day: Turn down

Average: 3 (139 votes)

turn down

This cartoon is based on the phrasal verb turn down.

Idiom of the day: Dawn on

Average: 2.8 (116 votes)

dawn on idiom

This cartoon is based on the word dawn.

Dawn: Dawn (noun) is the time early in the morning when the sun first appears in the sky.

"She woke up at dawn."

Dawn on somebody: If something dawns on you, you realise it for the first time. You suddenly understand something after not understanding it.

Idiom: Stone's Throw

Average: 2.8 (115 votes)

fold idiom

This month’s cartoon is based on the popular phrase or expression ‘a stone’s throw’.

A geologist is a scientist who studies the solid and liquid substances, or matter, that make up the Earth. e.g. rocks and stones.

Word of the Day: Fold

Average: 2.9 (126 votes)

fold idiom

Today's cartoon is based on two meanings of fold.

1 - When you fold a blanket, paper or cloth you bend it so that one part of it lies flat on top of another part.

"Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding to make designs without cutting the paper."

"Fold up the clothes and put them away."

Word of the Day: Spot

Average: 3.4 (156 votes)


This joke is based on the double meaning of spotted.

Dalmatians are white dogs with black spots. The Dalmatian dog in the cartoon has black spots on his body. When something has spots on it, we can say it is spotted: he is a spotted dog.