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Word of the day: Moving

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This month's cartoon is based on the word moving.

Moving (adjective)

When something makes us have strong feelings of sadness or sympathy, it is moving.

"She wrote him a very moving letter."

"I was moved by a story I saw on the news."

Move (verb)

If a person or an organisation moves, they go to a different place to live or work:

"We moved to New York when I was eight."

"She's moving to a bigger apartment next month."

Now choose the correct form of the word in each sentence:

  • 1) I find her books very ___.

  • 2) Saying goodbye is always ___.

  • 3) I was ___ by the music.

  • 4) He plans to ___ abroad next year.

  • 5) She gave a ___ speech to the audience.

  • 6) Shall we ___ to those seats in the shade? It's too hot here.

  • 7) You ___ me with that story you told me.

  • 8) We're ___ to Spain next week.

  • 9) Because of his job they have to ___ every couple of years.

  • 10) It was one of the most ___ experiences of my life.