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How to use Subject Pronouns and Object Pronouns

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Choosing between a subject pronoun and an object pronoun can be tricky in a number of situations.  First, let's look at a list of pronouns.

Subject Pronouns

Singular Plural
I we
you you
he/she/it they

Object Pronouns

Singular Plural
me us
you you
him/her/it them


1 - When there are multiple subjects or objects, reduce the sentence to only the pronoun.
Example:" Steve, Bill, and (I, me) went to the park."
If we remove Steve and Bill, the sentence would be: (I, me) went to the park.
"I went to the park" sounds a lot better than "Me went to the park."
Answer: "Steve, Bill, and I went to the park."

2 - If you are not sure, turn the sentence around.
Example: "The best player on the team is (he, him)."
Try this: (He, Him) is the best player on the team.
Answer: "He is the best player on the team."

3 - Use an object pronoun after a preposition.
Example: "The money will be divided between you and (I, me)."
After the preposition "between" we need an object pronoun.
Answer: "The money will be divided between you and me."

Now it's your turn!

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By ThomasWilliams

Thomas is a teacher at EC San Diego

Prepositions Quiz


  • Bob is smarter than ___.

  • The problem students are ___.

  • Our teacher had dinner with my friend and ___.

  • "May I please speak to Joe?" "This is ___."

  • Sally and ___ are coming to the party.

  • The person who did the best was ___ .

  • My classmates and ___ all speak English.

  • Sam helped John and __ study for the test.

  • My brother asked you and ___ to help him.

  • All the work was done by


Nice lesson! The first

Nice lesson! Smile The first sentence was difficult for me. I thought that THAN was a preposition. However I felt that I was wrong. Worried


I also thought that object pronoun should follow "than". But thought it wrong.
"She is taller than I. Tim is more sociable than she."

"This is HE on the phone."
"This is I on the phone.." - To me it sounds a bit strange..

Very intresting excercise. Didn't expect to have any mistakes here

The first sentense

I think the firtst sentense should be "Bob is smarter than i AM" ...

for example

I am confused the first question.
I think it should be like, Bob is smarter than ME

for example you are luckier than me , here me is right, isn'it?

i was confused because of

i was confused because of the 1st question,it doesnt look familiar "she's smarter than i"
thank u for these new informations!

good lessons and useful

good lessons and useful comments

Nataly I didn't understand

I didn't understand why we should say This is her- as her is an object, but we say This is he- isn't he an object too? Explain, please

than I....

How interesting, nearly everybody made a mistake in the first sentence. Me too. I also wasn't sure, if "Bob is smarter than I" right is and choose "than me"... But anyway, what is right... "Bob is smarter than he and than she?"

I didn´t anderstand if and is a preposition or not...

How is it possible, if and isn´t a preposition?
the defenition is... WE use object pronoun after a preposition...
I think it is not true...

I didn´t anderstand if and is a preposition or not...

So teacher u wrote that we use an object pronoun after a preposition, and is a preposition, why on this sentence you said is allowed she instead of her? Sally and she are coming to the party.
Sally and her are coming to the party.
the correct sentence should be this one ...Sally and her are coming to the party.

Why the correct one

Why the correct one is:
Sally and _her__ are coming to the party.
I can't understand. Please help!

The answer given is

The answer given is incorrect.
Sally and she is correct Jb

subjunctive and objective pronouns

I would like to point out that the correct answer for the fifth question is she because the subjective form of the pronoun is required. The answer given is incorrect.


I am confused about y "bob is smatter than me" is incorrect.

First answer is wrong

According to Merriam Webster, the word "than" in this sentence is being used as a preposition, and therefore the correct pronoun would be "me," since it is the object of the preposition.

THAN - preposition
: when compared to

: in comparison with

First Answer is NOT Wrong (although 5th One Is)

"Than" is a conjunction in this case because a second verb is assumed: "Bob is smarter than I (am). "I" as a subjective pronoun precedes the assumed verb "am."

Pronoun Quiz

Question 5 on the pronoun quiz is incorrect. The question is "Sally and _____ are coming to the party." The correct pronoun is she, but this answer is marked as wrong. The site indicates that the answer is her. This is absolutely not correct. The subject of the sentence is Sally and she (although it should be written in reverse order, she and Sally), thus the nominative/subject case of the pronoun is needed. I am very annoyed that this common grammar error is being reinforced on website that is supposed to fix grammar mistakes. I can no longer trust this website as a reliable source of information for my students. I am an English teacher.

I Concur. The Answer Given For Number 5 Is Incorrect.

Thank you, Mrs. Smith. Someone needs to correct the error in the answer key before more people become confused.