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Take this apostrophe quiz!

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If there is one thing that English speakers can all agree on, it's our dislike of apostrophes. We often find them confusing even though the rules that govern them are fixed. The English city of Birmingham has banned the use of apostrophes from all of its street signs because people found them "too confusing"!

Let's see how well you can use apostrophes with this completely fantastic quiz!

Link: Lesson: It's vs it

  • The news said that ___ going to rain tomorrow.

  • He always carries ___ of his family.

  • Simon, Johnny, Paul and Peter were playing. Lisa came and kicked the ___ ball away.

  • I've never seen ___ before.

  • Where did you leave ___ bike?

  • I ___ see anything from where I was sitting.

  • ___ leaving in 5 minutes.

  • ___ lessons are really good!!

  • A snake uses ___ tongue to sense what is happening around it.

  • The ___ nice today.

  • ___ name is Sam, isn't it?

  • ___ my best friend.

  • We only sell ___ in this shop.