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Use Should to give advice - Elementary Level

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In English should and shouldn’t (should not) are used to give advice. Type in the correct  word for each sentence.

Today's lesson is from Sebastian E'Silva, EC Cape Town English language school.

Link: Auxilary Verbs

  • You eat more vegetables, John!
  • You brush your teeth after every meal.
  • You smoke.
  • You do more exercise. It's good for you.
  • You drive over the speed limit. It's dangerous!
  • You eat a lot of sweets. It's bad for you.
  • You be more careful with your money.
  • You stay out too late. You have work tomorrow.
  • You try singing at a karaoke bar. It's so funny!
  • You waste your time.
  • You relax. You need a break.



Its to easy for me.
thaanks to Sebastian E'Silva

You should learn English in

You should learn English in this site!It's very useful for you!!! Wink
Thanks a lot for this Lesson! Smile


****Happy New Year Yura****

Should for giving advice

I reckon I should keep on learning English. Practice makes perfect! Smile Thank you, Sebastian and Chris!

Student : Eng Ahmed

Thanks for all crew who that work for this site, and I’m happy for the score that I'm reaching, and all that happened when I begin to study with your lessons at this site so thanks a my mark was 10/10


yours Ahmed Gharouda from Libya.


"Should and shouldn't" is better than "must" do something.

It's more polite.

Thank you for the lesson.

Happy New Year for everybody Smile

should studying

you should study with Eclearn english

we should practice together

with all my regards

Should do it

You should practice more exercise.

We shouldn't not eat more sweet on upcoming festival session.


thank you for your lessen
i answered all of them correctly

I thank all who are behind

I thank all who are behind this effort, the kind


thanks for this lesson Sebastian E'Silva it's easy ad useful


Thank you very much for this lesson!

Also,'ought to' is used for giving advice Wink


Thank for helpful lesson.