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Auxiliary Verbs

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Time for a basic grammar view:

The verbs be, have and do are auxiliary verbs when they are used with a main verb to form questions, negatives, tenses and passives. Modal verbs, like  could and would, are also auxiliary verbs. Here are some quick examples:

"I am driving my car."

"We were looking for you."

"Do you know the way?"

What are auxiliary verbs

Auxiliary verbs in questions

  • When ___ this bridge built?

  • I believed, as __ my friends, that we would win.

  • What ___ they want to eat?

  • We ___ finished yet.

  • Where ___ she live?

  • ___ you seen my dog?

  • Who have you ___ talking to all this time?

  • She ___ done her homework.

  • If Tom ___ asked me, I would have gone.