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Our Toronto CELTA course gives you the training you need to become an English language teacher and the skills you need to teach English anywhere in the world.

Flávia Camargo

Currently teaching in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

By the time I decided to take the CELTA course, I had been teaching English for 8 years already. I had been told that the course was hard, but that was not a problem as I was prepared for the hard work. What I didn’t expect was that I would learn that much in just a month!

After years and years teaching English (in which five of them were just private tutoring) I can say that CELTA has given me back my faith in groups classes!

During the course, we’ve been given all the support we needed by the (super cool and highly qualified) trainers and the school. We also got and gave support by sharing experiences (fears and excitement. ) with our peers, in a very healthy atmosphere. I had had the opportunity to take the course in Brazil, but I decided to take it abroad and that was a decision I will never regret.

Not only did I have the opportunity to get to know an amazing country, but I also dealt with students from really different backgrounds, who committed different mistakes and had different necessities from the ones I was used to teaching. Canada is a multicultural country and taking the course there was a PLUS!

After taking the CELTA, I became more confident (and super excited!) to teach groups again. I can say the certificate worked more like a “door opener” for me as I was able to choose the job at the school I wanted (which happens to be the best in town!).

All I can say is that I highly recommend the course, the multicultural experience in Toronto to any English teacher, experienced or not, who wants to feel fulfilled in their career!

Michael Karas

Currently teaching in Shanghai, China

I took the CELTA course at LSC in September of 2012. When I started the course, I already had some teaching experience and some knowledge about teaching theory, but I wanted some hands-on skills that I could use in the classroom. The CELTA course gave me these skills and so much more. Along with a variety of classroom methods, the course also covered language analysis; how to use language resources; an overview of English language teaching in a variety of contexts, and even how to find a job once the course was finished. Most importantly, however, the course provided me with a solid foundation that I could build upon once the course was over.

While the course is only one month long, it provides all graduates with the skills and techniques they need to succeed and develop long after they have finished the course. This is the true benefit of the CELTA course: it teaches students how to continue to grow as teachers once they have left the course. It is a great course for any person that is interested in teaching English either in Canada or overseas. Even for experienced teachers, I would highly recommend it. The facilities are fantastic, the students and staff are friendly and along with all of the benefits listed above: you will probably make a few friends, too!

Niser Tookhi

Currently teaching in Seoul, Korea

After finishing my undergrad, I was looking to travel and work simultaneously. I had heard of many friends and friends of friends teaching English abroad and felt that it would be an excellent opportunity for me as well. After consulting the web, I felt that CELTA would provide me with the best opportunities anywhere in the world so I joined the CELTA course in May 2012 - immediately after finishing my undergrad. That month of May was grueling, I had just done a 4-year undergrad and was still very overwhelmed in the course but I pulled through.

As fortune would have it, immediately after completing my CELTA, I was offered a job in the same school as an ESL teacher.

I had an amazing summer, autumn and winter teaching and honing my skills learnt in CELTA. On my first day of teaching I taught more hours than I had done during my 4 weeks of CELTA, it was… an experience, but all my hard work, long hours and sleepless nights payed off.

Now it’s February 2014 and I’m heading to Seoul, Korea to teach with the EPIK program there and begin my adventure. CELTA has brand recognition and is often a requirement for many place in the world, consider it for either starting your ESL career of enhancing it.

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