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Travel Idioms

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There are many idioms in English that include a mode of transport or a verb used with transport. For example:

"This course is really hard, but at least we are all in the same boat."

In other words, we are all in the same situation. What do you think the missing words are in these idioms? Good luck!

Can you write a definition of what each idiom means?

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Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. That man in the club kept telling me really inappropriate things, so I told him to get on his ___!

  • 2. That antique shop has some beautiful furniture, but the owner ___ a hard bargain!

  • 3. Jenny has really gone off the ___ since she started university.

  • 4. I think my parents are sick of me. I'm sure they're going to __ me off to boarding school!

  • 5. All she thinks about is ballet, she has got a one ___ mind.

  • 6. I'm so frightened he will fall off the ___ and start drinking again.

  • 7. People keep asking me what I'm going to do when I finish my masters. I tell them I'll cross that ___ when I come to it.

  • 8. All the most important things in my life are changing. My life is such a ___ at the moment.

  • 9. My little brother wants to play games all the time. He's ___ me up the wall!

  • 10. You shouldn't have worried! I knew you would ___ through that exam!


 Missprint? Number 8 -

 Missprint? Number 8 - oller=roller

 8/2 very good resault for only conjecture .

 In fact I don't know this idioms at all.

Let's try to find  definitions!

To get on one's bike - live me alone!

To drive a hard bargain - not compromise in bargaining.

To go of the rails - went nuts, went crazy.

To go to ship - to put.

To fall of the wagon -  get up to drinking alcohol. ( Antonym - get on the wagon, be on the


One track mind - narrow mindedness. such a rollercoaster - goes up and down.

To drive one's up the wall - to drive one's crazy.

To sail through - succeed at easily, pass, make it.

What do you think, Chris?


Excellent work. You did well

Excellent work. You did well to guess the meaning from the context. That's an important skill.





At least I know one of these idioms: to fall off the  wagon  means to resume a bad habit again.

To get on one's bike means I guess to ask somebody to leave.

Drive a bargain means to make a deal.

To go off the rails means to begin behaving in a uncontrolled or unacceptable way.

To ship somebody off means to send.

To have a one track mind means to be restricted in your interests.

Rollercoaster - something characterized by wild and unpredictable changes.

To drive up off the wall -  to become (or cause to become) crazy or furious.

To sail through means to deal with situation easily and successfully.

Cross the bridges before one comes to them means to make any difficulties yourself in advace.

Many thanks to you, Chris for the lesson.


thank you .it really very

thank you .it really very usefull. I marked as favourite

I have problems with

I have problems with idioms...



its difficult for me

Don't be sad!

Hey! Don't be sad! Everyone finds idioms difficult. Your English will improve if you keep working at it!

Good luck!


Thanks to meldron and bayan2

Only two mistakes! But I didn't know these idioms. I've only known in the same boat.The rest I have guessed. Thank you bayan2 and meldron for their defenitions of these idioms. I'll start to learn them!

Thank you for the Lesson!:)