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In the travel agency: booking a package holiday Q&A

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'What's included in this package?'

During the long hot summer, it’s always nice to take some time off and, if you can afford it, go on a trip somewhere.

Imagine that you are in a travel agency. A travel agency is the place where you go to book a holiday. They can help you with flights and hotels.

Below are some answers that the travel agent gave to your questions.

Choose the best question to match each answer.

Enjoy your trip!

Travel agent answers:

A) That includes flights, hotel, transfers, meals and all taxes.

B) That’s $800.

C) No. You have to change in Rome.

D) It’s with Air France.

E) At 4pm, but check-in is a 2pm.

F) You can see the Pyramids, take a cruise down the Nile and try camel riding.

G) It’s usually hot and sunny at this time of year.

H) About 12 hours

I) Yes, as long as you stay in the tourist areas.

Note: Use lower-case letters in the spaces provided below:

Link: Question and answer practice

  • How's the weather?
  • How long is the flight?
  • What time does the flight leave?
  • What does this package include?
  • Is it safe?
  • Is it a direct flight?
  • How much is this package?
  • Which airline is it with?
  • What can I do there?