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Travel Vocabulary - Tell me your Plans

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Holiday season is fast approaching with many of us enjoying time off from school or work over the Christmas and New Year period. Some of us will be going back to our hometowns to visit family or perhaps taking a vacation. Personally, I'll be leaving Malta for two weeks to go back to my hometown, Cardiff in the  UK. I already have my plane tickets and I don't have to worry about hotels because I'll be staying with family. I can't wait!

So how about you, are you planning to go anywhere this winter? How will you spend the Christmas period? Are there are places in your country where people traditionally go over the New Year?

While we are on the subject, complete the following travel sentences with the missing words. Please ask if you have any questions.

Link: English in the hotel

  • 1 - We should ___ our flight before it sells out.

  • 2 - You can ___ some euros for dollars in this bank.

  • 3 - I thought we would arrive a 6, but the pilot said we should ___ in Barcelona at 7am.

  • 4 - The train was quiet. There were not many other ___ on it.

  • 5 - There was no time to go ___ on my business trip to Berlin.

  • 6 - On my last day I bought some ___ for my family and friends back home from the market.

  • 7 - My favourite ___ was Montmartre, but there are plenty of other great places to visit.

  • 8 - She arrived with 10kg of ___ baggage and was charged for carrying more weight than is permitted.

  • 9 - Jet ___ is the feeling of tiredness after taking a very long flight.

  • 10 - I usually travel ___ because I don't like taking heavy bags with me.