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English for Work

Prepare for an international career


Develop the language skills needed in the workplace

Take an English for Work course at EC and you’ll be ready to take on opportunities in all parts of the globe. The highly specialised teaching we offer will enable you to communicate in all situations, confident when interacting with colleagues and able to use the English language to achieve highly specific aims.

It doesn’t matter what your chosen career is, the intensive English for Work course will equip you to compete and succeed in the modern global workplace.

Fluency, accuracy and the ability to express yourself with ease are just three of the many advantages you’ll take away from EC as you begin the next stage of your journey to success.

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English for Work

If you want the freedom and flexibility to be able to pursue the career of your choice anywhere in the world, English for Work could be the Special Focus Programme for you. English is the international language of finance, science and a host of other sectors, and this course will leave you feeling confident, fully equipped and able to follow the pathway you choose.


Reach your potential

Taking the time to seriously focus on your English will open up unlimited opportunities for you. This course will enhance your English language skills in a manner specifically designed for the workplace.

True language immersion

You will develop fluency, accuracy and appropriate uses of English across all four language skills. You will benefit from excellent guidance, monitoring and feedback throughout this course.

Free language workshops

Free language workshops take place in an informal setting and target specific linguistic skills. Expect interesting lectures, topical conversation sessions and pronunciation practice.

Social Activities

Social activities will take in the most lively and interesting areas of the city you choose to base yourself in. Enjoy everything from city tours, the arts, sports, dining, shopping and nightlife.

Lessons per week:

30 lessons (22.5 hours): 20 General English + 10 English for Work

24 lessons (18 hours): 20 General English + 4 English for Work

Lesson length: 45 minutes per lesson

Course length: maximum of 12 weeks

Starts: every Monday

Level:  Intermediate to Advanced


✓ An entry test on arrival
✓ Continuous assessment via classwork and class assignments
✓ 4 weekly progress tests
✓ 4 weekly tutorials and progress reports
✓ Exit test

  • You want to change careers and improve your chance of getting a good job
  • You want to learn English for business-world success
  • You need English in your current job

This course will give you the language skills you need to flourish in any workplace. Your written and spoken English language skills will be enhanced, with an emphasis on the kind of skills employers are seeking.  

  • Core Skills

    The course will enhance your General English skills, with a focus on the language you’ll need in the workplace. By the end of course you’ll be able to express yourself with ease and handle specialist challenges such as writing reports and making presentations.

  • A focus on business

    The business focus of the course will include topics such as taking part in business meetings, problem solving and critical thinking, using language to negotiate and writing reports, emails and letters.

  • The skills for the workplace

    As well as improving your English, you’ll develop many other workplace skills. The ability to solve problems, prepare for meetings and argue for your point of view will prove invaluable as your career advances. The English for Work skills you’ll gain at EC will give an invaluable boost to your future employment potential.

  • A bright future

    By the time you finish your English for Work course you’ll have opened doors and created opportunities you could only have dreamed of before. Your fluency in English and your skills, knowledge and use of language will prepare you to cope with any situation which the world of business and work throws at you.

Real Outcomes

We believe in giving our students the knowledge and tools they want and need to thrive, be it academically or professionally. With continuous guidance, monitored progress, and optimised learning through EC Online, your success is guaranteed.

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