University Pathway Programme

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Improve your English and enter university in Canada

This course is for students who dream of studying at university in Canada but do not have the English level they need. 

The University Pathway Programme improves your English ability to the required level to enter a Canadian university.

Choose one of our many partner universities and you will be admitted without a TOEFL or IELTS exam.

This course is available at

English Level Main Class Special Focus Class Length of Time IELTS Equivalent
Beginner General English + 2 Special Focus Class 8 weeks  
Elementary General English + 2 Special Focus Class 8 weeks 3 - 4
Pre-Intermediate General English + 2 Special Focus Class 8 weeks 4 - 4.5
Intermediate General English Academic English + 1 Special Focus Class 8 weeks 4 - 4.5
Upper Intermediate Uni Pathway 1 English for Academic Purposes 8 weeks 5.5 - 6
Pre-Advanced Uni Pathway 2 English for Academic Purposes 8 weeks 6.5 – 7.5
Advanced Uni Pathway 3 English for Academic Purposes 8 weeks 7.5 – 9

Classes focus on academic English and improving your language skills. 

Develop a wider vocabulary and focus on the language used in the academic world. Learn how to express yourself with the accuracy and the fluency in university. 

You will also learn how to read academic texts and practise listening to university style lectures. These are important skills for university success.

Other skills covered will include:

Critical Thinking
Being able to evaluate your work and that of others, making judgments about the value of information and drawing conclusions from data.

Research Skills
Understanding how to do research, managing your time and your resources, and presenting your results

Presentation Skills
Putting information together in a logical order, creating clear visual aids, speaking clearly and with confidence, knowing your audience, and pitching your presentation at the appropriate level.

Study Skills
A variety of skills which tackle the process of organising and taking in new information, retaining information, working on assignments or dealing with assessments. Including:

Methods to aid the retention of information
Effective reading
Time management
Planning assignments
Concentration techniques
Efficient notetaking

Academic Writing
This course will look at all aspects of academic writing, practising the techniques and skills learnt during the course in real-life assignments. The course includes:

Understanding the scope of the assignment
Planning the assignment
Researching and assessing sources
Creating an outline
Writing the assignment
Proofing and assessing your work
Referencing your assignment
Using feedback to improve your work

Regular lectures
These will include:

What to expect from life at college 
Canadian Culture
Guest speakers

All lectures will include practice in note-taking and summarising.

Minimum duration: 8 weeks

Lessons per week:

24 lessons (18 hours)

30 lessons (22.5 hours)

Lesson length: 45 minutes

Minimum age: 16

Starts: every Monday

Class size: average 14.5

Minimum level: Upper-Intermediate

2024 Start Dates
15 Jan, 12 Feb, 11 Mar, 08 Apr, 06 May, 03 Jun, 02 Jul, 20 Jul, 26 Aug, 23 Sep, 21 Oct, 18 Nov

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