Cape Town Travel Guide

If you’re looking for a taste of why Cape Town is South Africa's star, then you have come to the right place.

Find out what makes Cape Town famous, take a look at some of its popular sights and discover how to spend your time in and around town.


One of the things which makes Cape Town the most popular international tourist destination in South Africa.

Natural beauty

From majestic Table Mountain, to the Cape Winelands and Boulders Beach, you will be stunned by South Africa's natural beauty.


Step into the wild side and see what you have only seen on TV: beautiful national parks, reserves and an astonishing variety of wildlife.


Situated in Table Bay, this is one of South Africa's busiest ports and one of the world's busiest trade routes.

Public Holidays on a Weekday

  • 02 Jan
  • 21 Mar
  • 14 Apr
  • 17 Apr
  • 27 Apr
  • 01 May
  • 16 Jun
  • 09 Aug
  • 25 Sep
  • 25 Dec
  • 26 Dec

Useful information


If you feel ill or are injured and you need to see a doctor, please contact the Student Coordinator and she will arrange for you to be attended to. You should pay the doctor directly and then claim a refund from your heal the insurance company (where applicable).

Smoking laws

The legal age for smoking in Cape Town is 16 years.

Drinking Age

The legal age for drinking and buying alcohol in Cape Town is 18 years.

Driving Age

The legal driving age is 18 years, though car hire companies often require drivers to be at least 23.

Costs of Living

  • €0.66

    1 litre of milk

  • €1.55

    2 litres of water

  • €0.60

    A loaf of bread

  • €2.50

    Big Mac

  • €1.00

    Can of Coke

  • €4.90


  • €2.00

    Coffee in a café

  • €8.00

    Cost of sim card

  • €5.00

    Entrance to clubs

  • €2.50


  • €12.00 - €15.00

    Average 2 course meal