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Facility block

  • Study Room

  • Shared or Ensuite Bathrooms

  • Laundry Facilities

  • Single and Twin Rooms

  • Bed linen provided

  • Towels provided

  • Half Board

Oxford - Homestay

You can choose between twin and single room accommodation. If you choose twin room accommodation, you will either be placed with a student of a different nationality, or you can choose to share with a friend.

Each room will provide storage space for clothes, a chair and desk (if not in the bedroom students will be able to use a designated area for studying) as well as good lighting, mirror, waste paper bin. Bed linen and towels are provided by the hosts and they will also offer students one clothes wash per week and anything extra is at the discretion of the host. Drying and ironing facilities will be made available to the student.

Whilst staying in a homestay mixed gender accommodation*, you will have access to communal rooms such as the lounge, dining area and kitchen, although most students will not be able to use the cooking facilities and each host will advise the student on what they have access to in the kitchen. Bathrooms will be shared with the hosts.

Private bathrooms are also available.  Bathrooms are either en-suite to the bedroom or located outside the bedroom however they are only for you to use.

Our homestays are in residential areas, just a short bus ride from the school and the city centre where you can engage in a variety of cultural events.

Many students choose homestay accommodation as it gives them the opportunity to become a member of the local community and generally learn about the British way of life and most of all, a daily opportunity to practise their English.

At EC Oxford, we work with an agency which provides safe, comfortable homestay accommodation to international students.

*Mixed Gender: Male and female students share common areas and facilities, but bedrooms and bathrooms are single gender.

Accommodation arrival day:  Saturday

Accommodation departure day: Saturday

  • Twin room


    £135 GBP

  • Single room


    £170 GBP


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