Learn English in the heart of iconic South Beach

English for Work in Miami

Are you dreaming of an international career in a global workplace and clear conversations with future colleagues?

For those who want to succeed in today's global workplace, this intensive English for Work course develops the fluency, accuracy and specific communication skills you need to advance confidently in your chosen career.

Every week you will take 30 lessons: 20 lessons of General English and 10 lessons of Business English. 

Choose English for Work and improve your career prospects at home and abroad.

  • Lessons


    400 USD
    per Term


Reasons to take this course

  • You want to change career and improve your chance of getting a good job
  • You want to learn English for business-world success
  • You need English in your current job
Available All year
Lesson length 45 minutes
Minimum age 16
Intensity 20 General English lessons + 10 Business English lessons per week
Length Minimum 1 week
Starts Every Monday
Class size Maximum 15
Level Pre Intermediate to Advanced


Core English

This course builds your General English skills, and focuses on the language you will need in the workplace. You will gain the means to express yourself effectively in English. So in future, whether you want to write a report or give a presentation, you can do so with confidence.

Business focus

Your 10 weekly English for work lessons will focus on areas such as:

The language of business meetings
Making presentations
Critical thinking and problem solving
Conducting negotiations
Writing reports, emails and letters

Build workplace skills

Develop many other workplace skills, from problem solving to preparing for an interview. In today’s world, understanding key professional issues and having the language to work with them effectively will give you a distinct advantage as you progress up the career ladder.

Develop your prospects

By the end of your time with EC, important doors will have opened for you. You will have improved your English fluency and will have the language, knowledge and skills to confidently deal with a variety of business issues.

Testimonial block

  • Berkin Jansal

    Berkin Jansal

    studied at EC Miami

    Miami is an excellent place for a vacation. To learn English at anadvanced level, however, is important for my education and career. Thus I chose EC Miami which provided me with beautiful friendships and high level English. EC has numerous activities which break the ice in your first week. Life ...

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  • Caio Valli

    Caio Valli

    studied at EC Miami

    All Miami staff are very kind and helpful! I’m satisfied with the programme because it was developed in a customized way for my needs. I liked all indoor and outdoor activities and I’m sure that the English practice in a different environment will help me a lot. Thanks for everything! ...

    See more

  • Marco Morelli

    Marco Morelli

    studied at EC Miami

    Almost a year ago I moved to Miami and looked around for a place to learn English. I found many acceptable options, however something brought me to choose EC and I'm really glad I did. Thanks to EC's motivated teachers, today I feel much more comfortable with the language. And I ...

    See more

  • Rahel Schenk

    Rahel Schenk

    studied at EC Miami

    I had a great time here in Miami. I saw a lot of different places that were very beautiful. I went to Orlando, Universal Studios and Key West. They were all very nice.EC Miami is a great school. I learned a lot of English and they have a lot of ...

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  • Solene Tretout

    Solene Tretout

    studied at EC Miami

    I’ve been in Miami for almost one month. I would really recommend it because it is a good way to improve your English but also to meet people from all around the world and to discover Miami. The school is on South Beach, which in my opinion is the best part ...

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