Kazuki’s Trip to Niagara Falls with our Students

This summer, Kazuki, our intern, went on an ISX trip to Niagara falls! ISX is a company which runs fantastic trips for our students. Recently, student have enjoyed trips to places like New York City, Washington D.C., Providence, and Salem, as well as fun attractions like Six Flags and Boston Red Sox games. Our students always have a fantastic time on these trips. One great thing is that they get a great opportunity to experience American culture. But even better, they get to practice their English as they do it!  Here’s what Kazuki had to say about the trip:

Kazuki’s Story

Today, I’ll tell you about the trip to Niagara Falls. First, Niagara Falls is at the national border of America and Canada, so the distance from Boston to Niagara Falls is very far. It took about 10 hours by bus. However, all of the students enjoyed talking, playing games, and sleeping as we travelled. When you arrive at Niagara Falls, it is about 10 o’clock so you can enjoy the night Falls for about 30 minutes. I had never seen a waterfall at night before, but I’m so glad I did!

Then, you can see the town in Canada. It’s very beautiful! Next, on the 2nd day, you go to Niagara state park and you can enjoy many activities like going on a cruise and shopping. I really enjoyed going on the boat, but be careful, you’ll get wet! On the 3rd day, you go to another national park like Watkins Glen State Park. We had a great time walking around this park, and by the end of the day, I was very tired! This is the itinerary of this trip. Through this trip, you can feel the greatness of nature. If you have an opportunity to go there, I do recommend you go there.

Kazuki had a great time appreciating the raw, sublime power of Niagara Falls. You can too if you Learn English Abroad!