EC Boston Stands #UpForSchool

On Friday, EC Boston participated in the #UpForSchool campaign, a petition started by the World for School charity urging world leaders at the United Nations (UN) to do more to get the 58 million out-of-school children around the world currently into education. World for School intends to deliver th … Read more

Greenvironment Club at EC Boston

Greenvironment, which was set up by a few students and a teacher, Timothy. Having a meeting once a week, every Monday, we set out to consider recycling for environment that each person can do easily. As well, we research and find out how bad effects occur to environment when people do not care about … Read more

Biking in Boston

It can often be difficult to get around in Boston, especially as an international student. But as the warmer weather approaches, there is a wonderful alternative to the subways, walking and the complicated process of getting an international driver’s license and car- you can buy or rent a bicycle. B … Read more

EC Boston Celebrates World Wetlands Day February 2nd!

Among the many problems facing our world today is our shrinking wetland area. Wetlands are lands along coasts or bodies of water that are usually submerged in water, and have the capacity to buffer rising water levels by absorbing excess liquid.     Wetlands support a unique ecosystem, giv … Read more