“Teachers are working hard. The staff are kind…” – Lanlee’s Testimonial

“I’ve studied at EC Boston for 8 months and I’m highly satisfied. My goal was to learn ‘American English’. Especially, Asian countries have their own expressions, and Asian students tend to translate them into English directly. I’ve been trying to remove my Korean English. Before I graduated from EC … Read more

Musicians in Boston

As part of a class project, Collete’s Pre-Intermediate class interviewed street performers. Here is one conducted by student Mini Li. Students love the interactive way our teachers teach English! Interesting fact: street performers and musicians in Boston must get a permit before they can take … Read more

English Student writes about whether or not a writer can ever be truly unbiased

The first lesson for all Journalism students should be trying to be as objective as they can when writing, but be sure that you will fail. And this rule works for all writing producers. Then you can think that all rules have its exception and maybe – but nothing other than maybe -, cooking rec … Read more

Meet Marc, our Swiss Ambassador!

Name:                        Marc Bircher Date of Birth:              13 October 1989 Hometown:                 Arosa, Switzerland Nationality:                 Swiss Education:                  2012: Bachelor of Law at the University of Zurich 2014: Master of Law (Business Law) at the University of … Read more

TOEFL Student Writes about 3D Printing

3D printing is a new revolution that can modify several aspects of the world, such as the economy, laws, medicine and environment. Furthermore, videos, lectures and interviews are already discussing this technology and its impacts on the society and consequently a new dynamic of consumer culture. Ac … Read more

Woonyong Ko’s Experience at EC Boston English School

Student Woonyong Ko writes a few words about the EC Boston experience: It’s been almost 3 months since I started English classes in Boston. Before I came to Boston, I felt a little nervous; I think everyone who has no experience to go abroad feels the same way as me. However, my host mother, N … Read more

Plagiarism across the World: How EC Boston English learners can avoid a sticky situation

Plagiarism is not a universal concept. In the United States and most of the Western world, plagiarism is defined as the unauthorized and or unacknowledged use of someone else’s intellectual work, which we find dishonest and academically weak. However, in other cultures the reuse of ideas or writing … Read more

Cambridge students get creative

  Are you enrolled in general English courses and looking for an exam preparation course? Check to see if your university accepts Cambridge Certificates! Our current Cambridge group has just completed 12 weeks and will soon be taking their tests. The Cambridge course at EC Boston will begin aga … Read more