EC Boston January Movie of the Month: The Intouchables

Many EC Boston Academic Year Program advisers will recommend watching movies to students who struggle with listening skills. Not only does listening teach you new vocabulary, but it also exposes you to native speakers using very emotional tones, who may be more difficult to understand. Have you ever realized that watching movies can improve your reading too? Try watching films in other languages (not your native language!) to improve your reading skills using subtitles! I recently watched the spectacular movie The Intouchables, a touching portrayal of the connection between two very different people who pull each other out of depressing situations and build a shared life. In the film, an elderly disabled man required to use hired help to live everyday life hires an unlikely candidate as his personal health aid, a young troubled man who eventually becomes one of the largest sources of joy in his life. They adventure together, proving that life goes on after tragedy. Try finding the movie on Netflix!

Staff Recommendation: Casa Razdora for Lunch!

Where should we go to lunch?  It’s a common question for EC Boston students every day, after their classes.  Of course EC Boston is located in the heart of the city, with so many lunch places nearby:  in Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall alone, there are hundreds of options!  Then there’s Government Center, the North End, and the Financial District, all within walking distance from EC Boston.  But, do you end up eating the same thing every day?  Al’s subs, coffee from Starbucks, and snacks from 7-11!  Don’t you get bored of these places? Today I went to lunch at an authentic Italian lunch cafe called Casa Razdora, here’s their website’s link:  You know it’s an authentic place because EVERYone who works at the cafe speaks in Italian the whole time!  It’s decorated with family photos of “Old Italy.”  It’s a tiny little place, so it’s difficult to find seats, but you can order take out there just as easily.  They have specials for every day of the week, and almost everything is less than $10.  Their pastas are all homemade right there in the cafe, and if you order a pasta dish for lunch, they cook it there, to order, right in front of you.  There are also slices of pizza, made-to-order Italian sandwiches, and lots of other options. It almost seems like Casa Razdora wants to remain a special secret, because there is no sign on the door!  It’s a bit difficult to find, but here are the directions.  From EC Boston, turn right on State Street and then left on Kilby Street (where Au Bon Pain is).  Walk past Boston Kebab on your left, and you will see Water Street (your first left after Boston Kebab).  Cafe Razdora is a little shop on the right of … Read more

Authentic Italian Lunch within Walking Distance from EC Boston!

Have you been looking for a great new lunch spot? Is your stomach begging for something different? The gourmet food offerings of the North End are exactly what you need! One of my favorite neighborhoods of Boston is the lovely historic North End which is fortunately only a quick walk away from EC Boston!  It’s also home to one of EC Boston’s student residences! The other day I was lucky enough to take my lunch break in the North End and had such trouble trying to decide on just one place to get my lunch. The North End is a quaint little part of Boston full of charming cobblestoned streets and a plethora of Italian restaurants, bakeries and eateries as well as many historical landmarks of Boston. Every street is lined with a multitude of dining choices that are all as delicious as the next. It is the perfect place to grab dinner or lunch and finding a great place for dessert is never a problem! I was overwhelmed by my lunchtime choices and just absolutely torn between a traditional sandwich from J.Pace & Sons, something more adventurous from Volle Nolle or even a delectable little treat from Mike’s Pastry. I finally was enticed by J. Pace and Sons, a combined sandwich shop and small store that also has a full deli and a wide variety of Italian specialties and groceries that are perfect for any special Spaghetti dinner. In the Spring and Summer there are patio tables just outside with a front row view of the beautiful Rose Kennedy Greenway. They have a case full of fresh salads, pies, and premade sandwiches as well as the option for you to create your own custom sub. I went with a classic grilled chicken on Italian bread with pesto, provolone, lettuce … Read more

EC Boston students have lunch at Pad Thai Café!

A bunch of EC Boston students and their teacher had lunch last week at a Thai resteraunt. Check out this review of Pad Thai Café, the place where they ate! The faculty and staff of EC Boston bring their own unique experiences to the campus, and finding the perfect places and events around town to suggest to students are a source of pride, and even friendly competition, among them. On May 3rd students from the Pre-Intermediate Survival Skills class met for lunch at Pad Thai Café, just a short walk down Boylston Street from the school. “Pad Thai Café has the food that I remember eating in Thailand and I’m happy to offer that experience to my students who may have never tried Thai food,” Said Chris Ward, their teacher. “And I love watching the tears well up in their eyes the first time they bite into a red pepper!” Xueting Wu (Erin), from China, said “I have never tasted Thai food before. The waiters were very friendly and I liked the environment.” Erin had a seafood noodle soup and she said it was “very delicious.” Pad Thai offers traditional Thai meals such as Suki Hang, Ga Pow Gai, and of course Tom Yum. Monthicha Chnabuncho came to EC from Bangkok, Thailand. Her food was maybe “a bit sweeter” than she remembers the food in Thailand but that didn’t stop her from enjoying her meal. She may have enjoyed watching the effects of the spicy food on her classmates, as well! There are many Thai restaurants in Boston, some even closer to EC than Pad Thai Café, but few of them offer authentic Thai food and some are laughably overpriced. This is just one of the hidden treasures in Boston that EC students enjoy every month as the faculty and … Read more