Pevensey Castle

The most popular Castle to visit when you are in Brighton is Arundel, but if you want to see another castle why not visit Pevensey Castle ?

Pevseney Castle

To get there from Brighton, take a train from Brighton Station to “Ore”  and get off at the station “Pevensey & Westham” (this takes about 1 hour). The castle is about a 10 minute walk from this station.

The castle’s history goes back 16 centuries ! In the 4th century it was one of the last and strongest of the Roman ‘Saxon Shore’ forts. In the year 1066 it was the landing place of William the Conqueror’s army when they invaded England.

Entrance for Adults is £5.00 and if you show your student card you should get a discount reducing the price fo £4.50

If you visit, you can explore the Dungeons and you can even look for the ghost of “the Pale Lady of Pevensey” !

More information about Pevensey Castle here