Weekend Tours Across the UK This Weekend

EC host many trips across the UK and this weekend we have lots. We think it’s important that during our students time here, they get to explore all different areas of the UK. It is a vibrant and dynamic place, particularly considering how small it is compared to other countries. This makes it easy to see very different and exciting places without crossing the ocean.


Scotland and the Highlands EC Brighton
Scotland and the Highlands


A trip to Scotland and the Highlands commences today. Tomorrow trips to London sights and museums. Bath and Stonhenge as well as Cambridge and Greenwich. These are some of the favourite tourist destinations in the UK and are very beautiful and interesting places to see. Especially with your student friends from EC. On Sunday another trip to Cambridge, as well as Oxford Windsor and Eton. We also have a trip on Sunday to the Isle of Wight just across the sea, as well as Portsmouth which is up the coast from Brighton.

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