Cooking with Lisa!

Sometimes when you are abroad, you would like to try as many things as possible of the new country. So you go and explore! But sometimes you are homesick. And what reminds you most of home? Food! Take a bite. Close your eyes. And it is as if you were home. So, let’s write about a Dutch recipe. My fa … Read more

Yujin writes about doing Yoga at EC Bristol!

“I am so happy to find yoga class in EC. Katerina is such a great teacher bringing fun, humour and passion. And after class I can feel relaxed in my body and mind. She always considers new students who learn yoga first and plans various level yoga postures in order to follow every students. I think … Read more

‘Getting up with Games of Thrones!’ writes Lisa

Contains spoilers for seasons 1 till 4 and swearing words. It has been ten months when season four ended. That is quite a while. And now season five has started, a lot of you will find themselves in a position of…Who is that? What happened? How did he came there? So let’s put everything togeth … Read more

A weekend in Bristol with Lisa!

A weekend in Bristol There is a lot of things you can do during a weekend in Bristol. This weekend I started with a Pub tour. Close to queen square are a lot of interesting pubs. A pub tour is also a good way to try new drinks, like Otter Ale or Old Bristol Cider. Both recommended. The downside of i … Read more

Speak English at EC Bristol; make a new buddy!

Last week, lots of students filled in Buddy Request Forms. This form is a new creative idea from our EC Bristol Academic Year Coordinator, Claire Fordyce, which gives the student the opportunity to meet a new friend with whom they can practice speaking in English. Claire started to develop that idea … Read more

Our new French intern Clarisse introduces herself!

A warm welcome to our new intern Clarisse. She comes straight from a city called Reims in France and she will be joining us for 5 months. She is a very lovely and smiley person. Please read below to get to know her. Hello, I’m Clarisse 😀 I am 24. I am really happy to do an internship at EC Bri … Read more

EC Bristol introduces our two new interns!

We would like to give a warm welcome to our two new interns Lisa and Cindy who will be joining our team for a period of 3/4 months at EC Bristol. Here is a mini introduction of both of them. Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m 22 years old and I’m studying Commercial Economics. I’m also a big … Read more

Bake Sale for St Valentine’s Day at EC Bristol!

Last Friday, we organised a bake sale as a Pre Valentine’s Day to raise money for charity. Our teacher Rhian, our students ambassadors (Carolina and Marcyluna) and their friends baked loads of delicious cakes. At break time, students and staff members rushed to the lounge room to buy a cake. T … Read more