2010 Young Learners Programme at EC Cambridge

After an incredibly successful ’09 summer for everyone on EC Cambridge’s Classic programme, it’s all systems go for 2010. If you want to be part of the fun, you can find all the information you need on our Young Learners programme here.  The summer programme begins on 20 June, but you’d better book soon if you want to guarantee your place. See you there!

So long….farewell….until next year!!

This year EC Cambridge Junior Programme  helped over six hundred Young Learners improve their English language skills and, hopefully, gave them all a summer they will never forget! We hope you enjoyed your time here and we would love to see every one of you back next year. Until then, it’s a big thank you to all the people who helped make it a FANTASTIC summer. Dont forget to join the summer 2009 Facebook group. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=109357957528#/group.php?gid=109357957528

Avant Garbage: part deux!

Friday evening was the second Avant Garbage – Trash Fashion show of the summer. As usual, it went down a storm! We had a variety of grand, exquisite, tasteful (and some tasteless) designs; all designed by our own budding Alexander McQueens-in-waiting! After the show, there was a very cool farewell disco. As expected, it was a very sad affair – with lots of tears. But hope to see you all next year!

EC Casino Royale

“The name’s Bond…James Bond” was the theme for this week’s farewell evening. Unfortunately we said goodbye to lots of young learners, however before we did that, everyone had a chance to win (or lose) some money on the casino tables! The dice were rolling and the cards were being shuffled…we had blackjack, poker, roulette plus many more games. After the Casino, there was a farewell disco – giving everyone the chance to show off their disco-dancing abilities!

Team-building Monday

From crossing deadly alligator-infested rivers to engineering high-quality suspension bridges, this Monday played host to a variety of team-building events throughout the evening. Challenge 1: teams of ten young learners had to cross the dangerous ‘river’ in order to get to safety. This required team work and lateral thinking on getting the students across the river in the safest and most efficient way. Challenge 2: the young learners had to devise a robust, yet simple, bridge that would support an object. Needless to say we had a variety of different contraptions.

You are the weakest link…goodbye!

This Monday’s EC Cambridge Junior Programme welcome activity was The Weakest Link. Quizmaster Chris hosted the evening with a mixture of different categories…including world flags, pop music and even a food tasting round! You have to feel sorry for the poor person who had to taste Marmite – she hated it!! Quizmaster Chris was dressed in his formal quiz clothes and did not refrain from telling people exactly what he thought of them!

Who Dunnit!?

THURSDAY  ACTIVITY – Murder Mystery Hunt (by Charles – EC Cambridge Intern 2009) It was a midsomer’s day in Parkside School when the EC social leader, Chris, was found dead with a terrible wound to his forehead. The police were called and they said it was very likely that Chris had been murdered. EC Young Learners had to find out who, where and how Chris was actually killed by scouring the streets of Cambridge for clues. It turned out that the social leader, Sarah, had committed the crime. She had reportedly killed Chris with a baseball bat at St Catherine’s college. However the motive is still unknown at the moment…we will let you decide!