Grateful for the opportunity at EC Cape Town!

We asked Solaiman to tell us about his experience thus far in Cape Town First of all, I wanted to study in the USA but I was refused a visa by the Embassy. I was so sad when they refused my visa and when my friends became aware of my situation, they suggested I study in Cape Town. So I took up the challenge and applied to study English in Cape Town. Then the story began. Actually I believed that Cape Town is an old city with high levels of  poverty. When I was looking out from the plane I saw this wonderful view from a high altitude and at that moment I felt like I’m in paradise. On the first day in the new city, I had a few friends from home I met when I arrived in Cape Town and they invited me to have lunch at Ocean Basket, Waterfront. On the first day at EC School I met friends from different countries who were full of energy and activity. After the class was dismissed, my classmates decided to walk around the vicinity of the school with our teacher and afterwards to the Waterfront. Some of the activities that I did was a visit to the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, which I found to be the most beautiful place I visited so far. I also visited  Muizenberg Beach, which I found suitable for surfing. I also participated in Paint Balling which was a great adventure and even got some shots too. I have spent a great time in Cape Town and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been here. Some of my friends who have already left Cape Town were a part of my life here and I hope to see them soon. Solaiman has been … Read more

EC Cape Town reception area

Business in English at EC Cape Town

Do you know about the Business English courses in Cape Town As more companies are working beyond their countries and even language or cultural borders, English has become the lingua franca, the popular language of choice. Beyond the General English language courses EC Cape Town offers. we also have various Business English options that allows Business men and women in particular to brush up on their English AND have a course which is tailor-made for their needs.     The Business English course gives you more personalized attention and a course that suits the demands of your profession. Classes are smaller and more often the busy executive books private classes so that their immediate needs can be met, be that writing, speaking or business vocabulary.     However, there is also the option of doing both, ie General English in the morning and choosing the English for Work elective which has the added benefit of being in a class with other working professionals. In addition, students can choose additional private classes instead of the Elective, which will also provide personal attention. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out how we can assist your business requirements. Contact us now for more information on English courses in Cape Town  

Are you ready for an exam course @ EC Cape Town?

Many universities and companies these days require students to have a certain level of English. More university departments are offering courses in English and as companies extend their global reach, they require a team who can deal with the demands of the job… in English! If you are preparing to take an exam course at EC Cape Town, here are a few tips to help you along. Firstly, you need to know if your university needs an IELTS or Cambridge score. They are not that different in terms of the skills they are grading but the preparation does change and there are a few technical differences. For example, the IELTS exam expires after 2 years but, in theory, any of the Cambridge courses is valid forever (as long as you can show you are actively using the language, ie in your work, writing or other regular communication).     Secondly, Cambridge exam courses have a huge focus on grammar in the exam and thus you will need a teacher or school to prepare. IELTS does not have such a direct grammar focus in the exam (as it is assumed you already know how to use complex written and spoken constructions.     Once you have decided to take any of these courses, you will need to start preparing: Read every and anything so that you are confident reading within time constraints and to improve your vocabulary. You will get various reading texts in either of these exams and some of them might not be your preferred material, so you need to feel comfortable with all kinds of reading material – start now! Watch movies, series and documentaries so that you are exposed to various accents and subject matter. In this way you will develop your knowledge about the world and … Read more

Reflecting on the day

My first extraordinary experience at EC Cape Town

Jessica wrote this beautiful article talking about her first few days in Cape Town. She is currently in Intermediate and doing the Business English Elective I start this article with some important and simple advice to make your cultural exchange extraordinary and lovely. After you read you will understand as they were important to me. Make friends in you first few days Be positive about the people, Be friendly   On my first Saturday in Cape Town I went on an incredible adventure together with 4 new friends. We rented a car and drove to 3 of the best places in Cape Town: Boulders Beach, Cape Point and Chapman’s Peak Drive. Our adventure started in the morning of a sunny day. Our first stop was Boulders Beach. This beach is famous mainly because of the local residents, the penguins. There we could watch the penguins in real life: how they walk, eat, reproduce, etc. It’s a fact: the penguins almost seem to pose for pictures. It is worth highlighting the natural beauty of this place: soft sand, crystal clear water and abundant trees. After this cute stop, we took a deserved ice cream break and went to our next stop: Cape Point. Cape Point is in the Cape of Good Hope nature reserve with vibrant, natural beauty. It is also an international icon of great historical value regarding the sea route to India and the East. There we walked until the lighthouse at 238 meters above sea level, where we could see the collision between the cold Benguela current of the Atlantic Ocean and the warm Agulhas Current of the Indian Ocean. An incredible view and experience!   Going out of Cape Point, we followed Chapman’s Peak Drive. A spectacular road that hugs the near vertical face of the mountain from Hout … Read more

Raquel and some the EC Cape Town students who become her friends

An intense learning experience @ EC Cape Town

Doing an exchange seems like an easy decision at first. You choose the country, choose how you’ll pay for the school, the accommodation, and you’re ready to go! Everything seems sorted.However, experiencing a travel exchange is less mechanic. It is something colourful and complex. We get so involved with this journey, that needless to say, will impact your life forever – even for a short period of time. The days became so intense that learning is constant. Personally, this one month I stayed in Cape Town taught me much more than a full year of routine in Brazil. It was my first international travel experience and it will not be the last.Indeed, among all the experiences, learning a new language in direct contact with another culture was enriching! I have a debt of gratitude to the teachers of EC who, with much dedication and enthusiasm, opened the doors to a whole universe of new possibilities, because learning is one of my greatest pleasures. In fact, sharing points of view with people who come from other countries and cultures made me respect and learn about the differences and about knowing a world bigger than I thought. Talking about my days in Cape Town in a few lines is unfair, because every detail was important to contribute to the person that I am today. Every person that I met here is a vibrant soul with whom I left a little bit of myself, and from whom I take a little bit with me. I made more than friends here, I discovered a family! Finally, not every day was perfect, but the journey was marvellous, precisely because of these imperfections. What does not kill us, makes us stronger, and I came out stronger from this exchange. Thank you Cape Town! I made this magical … Read more

Students at graduation

5 reasons to study @ EC Cape Town

Do you need to do exam preparation? Are you looking for a unique Language and Travel experience? Then look no further. EC Cape Town offers both – a multi-cultural city and superior English language teaching. If you are not convinced, here are our 5 top reasons to study in Cape Town   1. State-of-the art teaching tools in a modern and vibrant classroom environment 2. All levels Beginner to exam courses such. Come and do your IELTS preparation in Cape Town 3. A selection of accommodation such as the student residence or Homestay in Cape Town city centre 4. EC Cape Town is the registered exam centre for all Cambridge exam courses 5. Sunset from Table Mountain or one of the many beaches the city has to offer All that’s left to say is… see you soon!

Una will be missed by us all. She was a teacher in a million!

The classiest teacher…. at EC Cape Town

This year we have had to say goodbye to a few staff members who were not only an important part of EC Cape Town but also friends and mentors. One of the most loved admired teachers must be Una.   Una started her career in education at Roggebaai Teacher’s College and when it closed she joined Boston College. In 2006, EC took over the building and Una joined the team at EC Cape Town. When I spoke to Una on her last day about all her experiences and changes she has seen over the years, she could only speak of all the good times and the joy she has in her heart for EC. She told me about the friendliness of the staff and the supportive atmosphere which made her teaching days so worthwhile.   Anybody who knows Una, will tell you she lived for her students and although she was strict at times, they all understood she wanted them to succeed and for this they loved her. Una told me how much her students had taught her, not just about their country and culture but also how to be a better teacher. One of her highlights, she says, was going out on excursions with her students and showing them the city or getting something to eat.Another was getting them to talk – this was a challenge as Una was the Beginner level teacher for many years and became our expert. She mentions that getting them to ask questions and seeing them grow in confidence made her the happiest teacher. Her message to students is this: Follow your dreams and never give up. Challenge yourself so that you can build character. Be humble and accept when there is nothing you can do about the situation, but do what you can” To … Read more

The EC Cape Town welcome - in all 11 official langauges

My journey to EC Cape Town

We asked Giacomo to tell us about his journey to EC Cape Town  (the South African English Language Centre)on his first day and this is what he had to say:   I am really excited being here at EC Cape Town to improve my language skills. This is my first day at school in Cape Town which is an interesting and spectacular South African city. I have just met the teacher and many other students who come from all over the world. My journey will be very helpful for me to know more about new people, new cultures and extraordinary  places, not only in the city but also out in the countryside.   After this English course I’m going to participate in a Volunteer programme with Projects Abroad, an international organisation operating all over the world. This project will help me to get important and useful experience for my life. I am really focussed on studying English and to complete this four weeks in the best way

A Safari is a must for all EC Cape Town

I want more!!… my EC Cape Town experience

At EC Cape Town, we hope our students will have more than just English Language classes, we want them to discover our beautiful city and country. Rosa did just that: One year ago I decided to come to Cape Town to study English. I didn’t decide by myself. My friend Andrea told me about EC English and all that this school could do to help us with our English. After two months we decided to do it and in that moment we needed to choose where we’d do it First we thought about going to Malta but Camila, the agent who helped us in Brazil told us about Cape Town and showed us many  photo’s of this beautiful city. We talked a lot about Cape Town and in the end we fell in love with this city. I arrived two weeks ago and I’m enjoying all the little moments and all the wonderful  places I’m going to. I went to the beaches, Winelands, Table Mountain and all these places are so amazing! I’m so thankful for all that I am living and experiencing here and all the things I’m having the opportunity to see. This weekend I’ll be doing a safari with my friends Andrea and Cris. I’m so excited about that, I know that I’ll have a fantastic experience. So far so good, but I want more!  

A family that eats together, stays together

My experience of home-stay accommodation at EC Cape Town

Many of our students live with host families (homestay accommodation) as they want to experience the culture of Cape Town and be sure that they are practicing their English outside of their English language classes in South Africa. David Meneghel decided to write to us to share his experience and we are so grateful to our host families for the effort and love they have shown towards their guests – this is truly how South Africans are. So, we want to say a big thank you to David for reminding us and of course thank you to the Bardien family for their gracious hospitality! This week will be my first month in Cape Town, so let me share some things about my experience, in   particular about my accommodation. Although you might not know them, I live with the Bardien family. What can I say about them? They are friendly, the house is very comfortable, it’s always clean and it has everything necessary for a good stay. With  permission from the Bardien family, I took some  photo’s during dinners to show you Amina’s food. If I haven’t told you, Amina is a wonderful chef She makes delicious meals and I need to be alert because I am getting heavier every day. Also, during the dinner we have good conversations and good moments to  practice my English with the family who encourages us to talk about our day and  plans   Best Regards David Meneghel