Fifa World Cup Closing Ceremony: EC Cape Town Update.

Sunday 13 July 2014 marked the end of the Fifa World cup 2014, and what a spectacular turn of events it was! With hopes high and supporters standing by in anticipation, we can surely say it was an excellent end to an excellent celebration! The closing ceremony was not only entertaining, but also uplifting to all supporters present in Brazil, I personally have to admit that I would not mind to have the ability to  move my hips the way Shakira did on the field! As the clash of the teams were set to take off with Netherlands winning Brazil 3-0, placing Netherlands in a steady 3rd place! The final match had supporters standing to their feet as Germany took on Argentina, with Lionel Messi being known for his excellent goals,  Germany showed up winning  Argentina with a striking 1-0 score, placing Germany as reigning champions of the Fifa Wold Cup 2014! We at EC Cape Town would like to congratulate all German students as well as supporters for an excellent game well done! It has been amazing to see how people from countries so far apart join together for something so spectacular. Let us continue to stand together and respect one another culture and countries, in this way we can make the world a better place!!   __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS EC Cape Town celebrates the 2014 Fifa World Cup World Cup: Touring the Stadium

EC Cape Town Celebrates the Fifa World Cup!!

As the Fifa World cup opening ceremony has come and gone, we have seen a number of  nail biting matches, had victories and disappointments but still in the hopes that the over all champion to be their team. EC Cape Town students are celebrating and joining in to make the atmosphere exciting and fun, even though they are far from home, they still have first class seats to all of the latest happenings with regards to the matches and games happening in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Share your #ecexperience with us and let us know where you watched your favorite team play!! Also stay tuned to our Facebook page and stand  the chance to win amazing prizes all proud compliments of EC! __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter   RELATED BLOG POSTS World Cup 2010 Learn English at the World Cup

EC Cape Town celebrates the 2014 Fifa World Cup

EC Cape Town is rearing to go with the Fifa World Cup countdown. Hosted in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the 2014 football matches are set to light sparks all around the globe and with EC Cape Town being the best English Language school in South Africa, we want our students to celebrate and part take in this jovial event, right here, at  their home away from home. With students excited to see their country part take in this global event, it is a reassurance to see the glow on their faces when the topic of the world cup arises. EC Cape Town DOS, Nicoletta grabbed this opportunity with both hands, and decided to have our Student lounge decorated for the occasion, and to also have our staff members come dressed in their world cup gear, all to take place on Thursday, 12 June 2014, when the Opening ceremony is to happen. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and blog, and don’t forget to upload your #ecexperience.   __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter   RELATED BLOG POSTS World Cup 2010 Learn English at the World Cup