Conversation meetups in London

A question many students ask me is where they can find people to practice their spoken English with. Many students studying on ESOL courses in London find that it’s easy to find people to speak with during school time, but out of class it can be a lot more difficult. However, you are all in … Read more

Food from around the world in London – Japanese dishes

Recently in a class, we got onto the topic of food and places to eat in London. A lot of my students studying on an ESOL courses in London have told me that they have found it hard to find completely authentic food from their country. Hard, but not impossible. Here is what Kohei Kato, … Read more

Chinese New Year in London

Dearest all at EC London, Happy Chinese New Year! While most of the world celebrated their New Year on 1st January, countries following the lunar calendar such as China are celebrating their New Year today. And unlike most countries which only celebrate for 1 day, Chinese New Year usually lasts for 14! This year is … Read more

IEL Sunday School – Extra meetup to practice English conversation

IEL Sunday School is an extra Sunday meetup to speak as much English as possible, learn some new vocabulary and meet great people. This Sunday 22nd February 2015 we are having our first Sunday School in our EC Covent Garden school, 7-11 Stukeley Street, London, WC2B 5LB.   The meetup will be very informal and useful, … Read more

Pancake Day at EC London

As some of you who are studying here at EC London may or may not know, tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday, also known here in the UK as Pancake day. Shrove Tuesday a religious day during which many Christians analyse their lives and think about how they can improve themselves in the future. In the past … Read more

Valentine’s Day at EC London

Now that Christmas and all the excitement of the New Year is over and with the sunshine so far away, it seems like there isn’t much to look forward to at the moment. However this isn’t true. February has a lot of things happening, such as Pancake day and Chinese New Year. And as some … Read more

Saleh from Libya: EC London is really out of this world!

Saleh Almahdawi joined ESOL courses in London in June in order to learn English and later join a University in UK. Over that time Saleh became a part of the EC London family and we were all sad to say goodbye last Friday. This is what he would like to share about his experience in … Read more