Isabela, General English:”The EC way of teach English was the best!”

Isabela came to London from Brazil at the beginning of November to spend one month at our school. She choose the General English course. She is leaving soon but she is really happy to share her experience at EC London with us.   I came to EC because the place where I chosed my trip told me that … Read more

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Mahoro, Intensive English:”The teachers are very friendly”

Mahoro comes from Japan. She did two week of Intensive English at EC London. Here what she would like to share abour her short but intensive experience in London.   I choose ECLondon because Euston is a quite convenient city. My agent in Japan recommend this school. The teachers are very friend … Read more

Aryanne, General English:”I will never forget my new friends, good teachers and amazing athmosphere”

Aryanne came all the way from Brazil to spend three weeks at our EC London School of English during the month of November. She was in our General English class and here there is what she would like to share about her experience.   I choose to study with EC because I had a good recommendation th … Read more

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Michaela, General English:”I think, EC is one of the best language-schools in my life”

Michaela comes from Czech Republic and she has decided to Learn English in England. She spent two weeks with us during this month. She has choose the General English course. We are really proud to share her positive feedback about her experience at EC London and we wish to see her again soon.   … Read more

Gherardo, Intensive English:”I will never forget the people who I meet here”

Gherardo comes from Italy, he has done one month of IELTS exam preparation and now he is following the Intensive General English course. He is having a good time at our EC London School of English. Here his positive feedback. I choose EC because I found on internet, I’ve never heard about it b … Read more

Audrey, CAE exam preparation:” Students, teachers and the staff made me feel at home!”

Audrey is preparing the Cambridge CAE exam in London. She comes from Switzerland and before starting her CAE(Certificate in Advanced English) preparation she did two week of Intensive English. Here her amazing testimonial! Living abroad may change your life. It’s the first time I’ve been far away fr … Read more

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Alina, Intensive English: “For me this was a good experience!”

Alina comes from Lithuania. She came to learn English in England at our school in London for two weeks during the months of October and November following the intensive English programme. We are so happy that she would like to share her experience with us.   I choose EC because I saw an interes … Read more