Cristobal learn English in England

Cristobal was one of our most funny student at school.

He decided to come to learn English in England because we offer intensive IELTS courses.

Cristobal learn English in England
Cristobal learn English in England

For him, London was perfect except just one thing: the weather, which is unpredictably changing.


But generally, he enjoyed staying in London and was really happy to come to EC.

He thought that everything was quite well organized about the class, timing, place…

The most unforgettable memory of EC is the teachers: ‘when the teacher offer to help me in hours outside class’.

We asked if he recommend EC to a friend and why?

He answered yes, because at EC London students learn with a good and envoyable atmosphere.

His favourite places in London are pubs and clubs in Shoreditch and also parks that can be found everywhere.