A trip to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

One of London’s most famous parks is dressing up for Christmas: Hyde Park has opened up its beloved Winter Wonderland. Since last Thursday, the whole park consists of little Christmas markets and a big fun fair. So no matter if you just want to have a stroll around the markets or ride one of the amazing roller coasters, Winter Wonderland will always bring you lots of joy. Winter Wonderland is divided into different parts. There is the big fun fair where you can find many different kinds of roller coaster like The Hangover or The Munich Looping. Speaking of Munich, Winter Wonderland offers you even more insight into Bavarian culture. The so-called Bavarian Village presents you with an Oktoberfest experience right in the middle of London. Traditional German foods like Bratwurst and Bretzel will come your way. The festive atmosphere gets even better as there is live music and DJs. Apart from the fun fair and the Bavarian Village, you can stroll around traditional Christmas Markets. Plenty of wooden chalets will inspire you. There is a huge selection of jewellery, clothing and handmade crafts which is a great opportunity to buy Christmas presents for your loved ones or even for yourself. No matter if you want to go ice skating or sing along at Christmas karaoke with your EC London friends, you can do all of that in Winter Wonderland. You can also visit one of the spectacular shows like Cirque Berserk, Paddington on Ice and so much more. Regarding all of these astonishing attractions, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is definitely worth a visit. As there is a large diversity of choice, you will, for sure, find your own favourite place.


Halloween Week at EC London!

From 29/10/2019 to 03/11/2019 we are hosting our Halloween Week at EC London. It is going to be a Charity week and all the proceeds will go to a charity called “Hope for the Young”. It is a great way to have fun and to donate for a good cause at the same time. To enjoy the halloweeny atmosphere at our school, we have a very nice and varied schedule for this week: Tuesday On Tuesday the 29th of October, you can calm down and relax by taking Meditation class with our teacher Melissa. Some of our students have bought tickets to see the famous Wicked musical at The Apollo Victoria Theatre. Unfortunately, the tickets are already sold out. We are coming up with new musical tickets as soon as possible. Wednesday In the night of the 30th of October, we are going out to the pub to spend a spooky evening. Thursday Thurday, the 31st of October, is our Fancy Halloween Dress Day at School. On this day, we expect our students to dress up for Halloween. To make it a bit more challenging, we are going to host a “The Scariest Costume” contest on our Facebook&Instagram pages. The student who wins the contest will get a free hot drink and a pastry. In the evening, you can join Alberto is going to a Halloween Movie Night in the City Centre. Friday The morning of the 1st of November is going to start with Daniel’s relaxing Yoga class. Throughout the day you can participate in our Halloween Food&Treats Collection at school. In the evening, there is going to be a Halloween party. Tickets will be available at the reception. Saturday On Saturday, you will have the possibility to visit the famous “London Dungeon” with Alberto. Tickets are available at … Read more

Karaoke Nights at EC London!

Hi, this is Federica. I have been working at Ec London for more than one month and now I can say I feel at home. At first it was shocking changing my life. I’m from a small town in Italy, where there is nothing to do. The only thing that you can do during the weekend is to go to another town by car and in order to enjoy your weekend there. In addition, I used to go out with the same friends all the time. The only place that opened up my eyes and mind to a new world was my University, where I could finally meet people coming from different countries and study many foreign languages. London is a new world to me: I can always meet new people from new countries, hang out with them and do plenty of interesting activities such as… the Karaoke Night! Once a week my colleague and I organize a Karaoke night in the school. We move to the 30+ reception, full of comfortable sofas, huge tables with a smart TV and a piano. We start with a piano performance. There’s always someone who likes playing the piano. After this relaxing performances, we turn the microphone on. Let’s start the party! Students choose their favourite songs and they can sing in different languages as well. Yesterday, for example, some French students sang “Allez les blue allez”, the Spanish one performed “Despacito” and so on. We also had a student who won the Voice Kids-France and we enjoyed his karaoke perfomances: he’s such a brilliant and young singer! Everytime we organize this kind of party, I’m always afraid people might get bored or be too shy to sing in public. But yesterday was different than I expected: students got along with each other … Read more

Places in London

Hello! It is Dorian again! I’m the new intern at the EC Euston reception in EC London? Today I’m going to talk to you about the different places where I have been in London since I arrived. The place which impressed me the most is sky garden, it’s a garden with a pub on the top of a big building. From this place you can look at all London. It’s just amazing because you are at the fiftieth floor of a building in a very beautiful green garden watching at the beautiful city of London all around you. Obviously, it’s much better when it’s about 9pm because you can see the sunset. More importantly, it’s free! Another place which marked me a lot was Camden Town. It’s a market street where you can buy various interesting things. That’s a good place to buy for example covers for your phone, British souvenirs and clothes. The street is very beautiful because many shops have their own special design. Words cannot express how stunning they are, you need to go to see by your eyes! The funniest part for me is that I can negotiate prices with all the sellers. In the most cases they will tell you that a keyring costs 10 pounds but you can tell them “ok its too much I will take it for 4 pounds” and eventually you will buy it with 6 pounds (it’s just an example). Personally, I enjoy the process of bargain so much! Additionally, it’s the punk rock neighborhood of London where you can find the true punk English people who are interested in tattoos and piercings and so on.   For me these two places are crazy and are absolutely “a must to do” in London. Dorian.

The Bloomsbury Group

What is The Bloomsbury Group? The Bloomsbury Group is a group that was set up in EC London 30+ in 2016. Students who are studying for ten weeks or more are welcome to join. The purpose is to bring long-term students from different levels together to share experiences, talk about their studies and to enjoy a variety of events. The group is organised by teachers Jess, Ayan and Chris who are all long-standing members of the EC staff. This week’s event This week was an important event for a group of newcomers to The Bloomsbury Group. The meet and greet event took place in the 30+ study area. This was an opportunity for students, new and old, to get to know each other and share experiences. One of the most useful things to come out of this was the sharing of  the students’ personal study skills. By sharing tips and learning experiences, the students were able to leave with a variety of learning methods and techniques to take into their own studies. Also, students were able to give advice on how to make the most of their time outside of the school. With all student ideas teamed with the teacher’s local knowledge, all were able to take away at least two new places to visit in London. All events All Bloomsbury Group events provide a comfortable environment for students to meet other students, share experiences and have fun. Food and drink is provided and the meet and greet is just the start. Other events have included sewing, a book club and various outings including cinema, museum and theatre visits. Are you also looking for a comfortable environment to learn new skills? EC runs a Celta course in London so click to find out more if you think that a career … Read more

Wimbledon is coming

June is here and so it means that Wimbledon is about to start! Our student Alessandro is a huge tennis fan and here we are happy to share his amazing experience at last year’s tournament!     How many hours are you willing to queue, in the blazing sun or pouring rain, to see Roger Federer and Serena Williams playing on Wimbledon’s Centre Court? Because at Wimbledon, waiting in a queue is what you will definitely do! Of course a well-organized queue with very polite people, but it is always necessary to have a lot of patience to realize your dreams. However, it is definitely worth it.     Just entering the gates of the All England Lawn Tennis Club you can feel that this is the temple of tennis, where this sport is loved and respected by everybody, somehow the game even perfumes the air. There are a lot of courts where enthusiastic people can watch world-class tennis for two weeks a year. Each court is treated with maniacal detail in order to make everything perfect. It is possible to find all types of tennis supporter, from the well-experienced tennis viewer with a wide knowledge of the history of this sport to the occasional spectator. Entering Centre Court for the first time is an amazing experience for every tennis fan, because this is the court on which many epic battles have been played. It is wonderful to take in the contrast between the green of the grass and the players’ tennis white.     When sitting in your own seat you get the feeling that you are part of the game and it seems like you are playing the match with the competitors. Being there in the stands of the centre court, being part of the crowd, allows you to support … Read more

Silent Disco – Natural History Museum

Our student Kim and her experience at the silent disco at the Natural History Museum.   Friday, 21 April 2017 It was absolutely amazing!! In this kind of party people use the headphones to listen to the music which is the reason why the event is wonderful. The headphones have three different types of colors which are related to the different kind of music. You can choose which one do you prefer to listen. The kinds of music are: latin music the color was green, back to ’90 the color was red and house music the color was blue. The museum was divided in three areas for the color and each area had a specific Dj. There were so many people and the location was very fascinating!! I think it’s a wonderful experience to do during your time in London!   If like Kim you are you looking for a General English course in London don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Royal Family at EC London!

Lessons at EC London School of English help students improving their English through having fun. Students of Intermediate 1DB had a day of preparing and presenting presentations about different topics. Beforehand, they studied what is necessary to give a perfect presentation. They watched videos of good presenters, like Steve Jobs and others, and made a summary of things they think might help them during presenting. For example, they thought of the language which is used, such as signposting language like ‘first of all, after that, I’m here to present, if you have any questions I’ll happy to answer them now….’ As a reward for the amazing presentations, their teacher, Lilian, gave them masks of the Royal Family, which made their day! They were all happy with the visit of the Royals to the class! For more information about EC London School of English contact us!

Dinner Club: this week we went to a Mexican Restaurant!

Yesterday a group of students from EC London went with Carla and Faviola to a Mexican Restaurant in Camden! We started with cocktails and beers and live music! So we didn’t only practice English but also Spanish singing all together 🙂 Many of our students tried Mexican food for the first time: burritos, tacos, enchiladas and naschos for all! We all had a great time there, sharing stories about different countries, habits and suggestions about what to do in London. We have new ideas for the next dinner clubs, make sure to look at our social programme.

Bowling Night! Such a great time for EC London students!

Bowling night for EC students is always very successful! Yesterday almost 20 students joined Anja for a fun night out. A good occasion for the students that are taking the IELTS in London to relax, talk and drink something all together. All had such a great time and we are almost sure that some of our students are secret professional players! Here are some pictures of our students in action:     We already can’t wait for the next night out! Don’t forget to have a look at our social programme to know all the activities that we organise every week.